Lovely Fiber Equipment or Life With a Generous Woodworker

Sharing my life with another creative spirit has been such a grand adventure for us both over the years as we've pursued our various hobbies. I'm truly blessed to share my life with a woodworker who enjoys making fiber tools for me to use. Marshall just finished turning a couple of high whorl drop spindles for me to spin with. For the first spindle the whorl is created from canary wood and the shaft is gaboon ebony. I've never seen anything made with canary wood so this was quite special to see finished. I really like the high contrast between the two woods. It weighs in at 1 3/8 ounces (38g)-

I'll be spinning with it for the first time this morning:-)

Thanks so much, Marshall!

Another spindle that Marshall just finished is made out of black walnut for the whorl and hickory for the shaft. This spindle weighs in at one ounce (30g)-

Isn't that a cool design?

Marshall loves to bake (bad, bad, bad for the waistline), and this past weekend he made some raisin bread by hand. So delicious to eat just out of the oven....

A few months ago my husband discovered an embroidery frame at a local thrift shop. He modified it slightly so that I could use it for small tapestry pieces which was serendipitous timing as I'd been thinking/dreaming about tapestry. The creative freedom of tapestry appeals to me as a nice counterpoint to the linear quality of weaving. Last night I started a couple of small pieces just to review some of the tapestry techniques that I had learned years before.

Marshall created a walnut tapestry beater for me along with some turned tapestry bobbins to wind my wool yarn on. I have bits and balls of leftover wool in baskets all around my house. I think I know how to use some of them now!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of hemmed hats that I just finished knitting. One in blues and grays for my youngest son, Seb, who has a blue/gray ski jacket. He's worn it almost non-stop since I gave it to him :-) Now this is a much different result than I envisioned when I painted the Merino roving weeks ago using various blues and different values of black. I plied that singles with a variegated gray Merino singles and it created spots of color that float all over the hat.

I made another hemmed hat for my husband using the handspun alpaca/Merino/Rambouillet yarn in forest green, medium brown, tan, and spruce green that I had just finished spinning on a handspindle. This was plied on a wheel using a Merino singles that I had dyed in three different colors of green. It goes nicely with his forest green down jacket. Don't you just love the unusual texture and colors of handspun yarn? It makes a one of a kind hat that's so rewarding to knit.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Happy New Year Judy! Lovely spindles - they look so tactile and you are going to love using them I am sure. What a treasure Marshall is! Home made bread too. The hats have turned out really well, that wool is gorgeous. It's still wet and windy here in SW England - hope the wind dies down before we sail home on Monday! xx

  2. Wow, two very creative people in one house. I wish my sweet hubby could do wood work, I'd have him working all the time, haha. But he has many talents that I treasure so I wouldn't trade him. Hugs!!

  3. What a treasure - your hubby of course :) Love your new tools - there's just something very amazing about the feel of handmade wood products, and these are quite beautiful! Love the hats too; handspun yarn definitely lifts them a notch above the ordinary :)

  4. Alles Gute für das neue Jahr 2014, liebe Judy. Du hast wirklich ein guter Mann, er macht dir so schöne Spindeln und findet ab und zu einen Webrahmen für dich!
    Du strickst ihm und deinem Sohn dann so warme Mützen, das passt einfach zusammen.

    Weiter so viele schöne Ideen wünscht dir

  5. What beautiful work you both do! Those spindles are pieces of art as well as useful tools, and your hats are so unique - love the colours.

  6. What a treat to have a woodworker as a partner. I can only imagine the kinds of tools he can make for you. He does beautiful work as do you! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. The spindles, and the photos them, are beautiful and the hats have such lovely colors and textures. You and your husband are a very talented team. Happy New Year.

  8. Hi Judy,

    I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2014.

    The spindles are beautiful but so is you spinning and knitting.

    just beautiful.

  9. You always get beautiful wooden toys! Lucky you!
    Nice hats too!
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  10. Judy, you are so lucky to have such a talented husband to make such great things for you and you to be so talented as well.

  11. What beautiful spindles! How talented you both are.

  12. Oh, wow - Marshall's craftsmanship is GORGEOUS! Those are beautiful pieces, both of them.

  13. It really is wonderful that Marshall amazing creative skills mean he can make things that you can use with you fabulous creative skills. I bet your family looks foward to winters so they can wear your wonderful hats!! That bread looks tasty too!!

  14. Hi Ludy,
    I was very impressed by both of your. I love your new tools, specially tapestry beater made by Marshall.

    Could I order the same beater for me, please? I feel in love in tapestry making as you. I have skills, I want to do it but I need a beater only...

    Please contact me to discuss further details at

    Thank you. Nadia

  15. Talented work Judy.
    In your home. Oh my so much you do.
    The wood work is that from hubby?
    Very nice.

    I prayed for you for a quick and positive recovery.

    Slow but sure.


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