Warmer Weather = Time to Garden & My First Giveaway

Lately it's been lovely here with the sun shining and some of the flowers blooming. Last year someone posted about people painting quilt blocks on their barns, which I thought was a nifty idea. Well, I don't have a barn, but I do have a garden shed so I decided to paint one large quilt block on one side of the shed and a smaller one above the door. While I was at it, I painted the door a bright blue that brings a smile to my face when I open the door to get my garden tools.

I've never done a giveaway, but I'd like to do my first one today. I'll mail a quilted postcard to the first person who can tell me the name of the quilt block! Good luck.

I have Swan Lavender Columbines in my garden that are flowering right now. I love to see them each year as they are such unique flowers.

In the evenings I've been knitting the yarn that I have spun using two of my handspindles. I'm just about finished with the second hiking sock, so I'll soon be able to wear these for the first time. I like the soft color changes in the Lincoln wool and the pairing of the dyed wool with the undyed BFL.

Do you remember me telling you about the spring postcard swap that Sheila sponsored? Well, the other day I opened my mailbox and I had a cheery flower postcard waiting for me that had been created by Annette. I love postcard swaps :-) Thanks so much, Annette!

I'm very (okay, extremely) happy to report that I'm making headway on the Dresden quilt! Hurrah for that as I'm ready to start something new. This morning I sewed the borders on and then I'm on to the next step of layering the wool batting with the backing. Then I'll do some simple outline quilting to retain the loft and warmth of the wool batting and I'm one step closer to being done. Hallelujah! Hip hip hooray!! I get to start a new quilting project soon....

One day while walking my canine buddies along the Boise River, I took some photos of the Great Blue Herons that are nesting along the path. They made an interesting humming sound as we walked closer that reminded me of the sound that the trees made in the Lord of the Rings movies.

It's supposed to be 74 and sunny today, so I'm hoping that I can convince my youngest son to go cycling with me :-)
Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Is it the Churn Dash pattern? I have learned that was frequently one of the first patterns learned by young girls. I hope Your son will cycle with You.
    We have spring too and lambing time. I have 18 lambs till now.
    Best wishes

  2. Love your barn......er, shed quilts! Is that Churn Dash? Those are pretty columbines, I don't think they will grow here as it's not quite cold enough for them - you are lucky to have them.

  3. I think it's just wonderful that you painted your shed. What a great idea!

  4. I really like the shed. Very cute! I can't believe it's in the 70's there. I'm freezing to death here. The wind is whipping up a fury and it's supposed to get into the 20's tonight.
    The socks look so warm and cozy.

  5. Hello Judy - as always lots to comment on! Love the churn dash block on your shed - that blue is lovely, very mediterranean. Your Dresden quilt is beautiful, you have chosen such lovely colours and the socks are looking really snuggly with lovely subtle colouring. Your columbine is lovely - we have lots here but they won't be flowering for another month I don't think. xx

  6. Spring-time on your place. Nice that painting on your shed. I like the blues.

  7. What a terrific idea to paint the church dash block on your shed. It looks fablous ! Your Dresdan is gorgeous , can't wait to see it quilted , no pressure though. Oh such pretty spring flowers , we have them here but much later on . As always a great read , love the postcard from Annette !

  8. I love those quilt barn blocks too and have thought about one for my house. Yours looks wonderful especially with the blue door. Columbines are so pretty, I love how they grow on thin stems and look quite delicate but then have such interesting flowers. You're on the home stretch with your dresdan quilt and it looks fabulous, such great colours!! I love the photos of the Great Blue Herons! How interesting that they make a humming noise.

  9. Liebe Judy
    Dein Gartenhaus hast du wunderschön bemalt. Die Akelei blühen hier zwar noch nicht, sie vermehren sich bei mir prächtig und wo sie nicht stören, lasse ich sie stehen.
    Der Quilt ist ganz toll geworden, deine Farbwahl gefällt mir besonders gut. Weiterhin viel Freude mit deinem Garten, dem Spinnen und Quilten!

    Liebe Grüsse,

  10. You have been so busy! I love seeing your projects. I don't have a barn, either, but I have a barn-shaped shed. I've been planning to restain it and add a quilt block over the door, hoping to get to it this summer. If I'm lucky, it will look as nice as yours!

  11. The heron photos are lovely! I love the tiny, whisky feathers on their head. It's a wonderful monochromatic color study...

  12. nice barn/shed quilt. it's nice to see the spring is happening some where. Thank you for my lovely post card ... it arrived today March 27.and i see you have one of my fav flowers .... columbines...
    in stitches

  13. Oh Judy I just LOVE your shed!!! That blue door is perfect, and the quilt blocks are so fun :*) If I had a shed my poor husband would be heading to the store for paint today!!!! I'm pretty sure he's glad we don't :*D

    Your yarn is lovely as always - you will really enjoy wearing those socks. And an almost finish on your quilt - yay!!!! I love the Dresden block - always a classic beauty :)

    Whenever I see herons, I can't help but think of the time one got into our ornamental pond and ate 99 of our baby koi one year! Only one poor little guy was left, hiding and shivering under a leaf!

  14. Hi Judy, Thanks for visiting. Hope you come back often. I am enjoying your blog. You are a very creative lady.

    Love the quilt square on your barn. We have lots of "Quilt Barns" around here. SO special.

    Please don't include me in your Giveaway. I no longer participate in them.. Thanks!

    The Spring Postcard is gorgeous.

    Love the Dresden Quilt. I have several quilts which belonged to family/friends... They are so special.

    Enjoy Spring... We have all waited SO long for some spring this year.

  15. Love the shed! And, wonderful projects on the go.

  16. Deine Hochbeete sind einfach wunderbar! Solche wünschte ich mir auch.
    Herzliche Grüsse nochmals


  17. Great idea to put the quilt blocks on your shed. Love it.
    And your dresden quilt----fabulous!!!
    I was out in my garden today watering some onions and potatoes.


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