A Silly Corgi Quilt and Other News

Lately I've been reading about modern quilts and what constitutes a modern quilt. It's so interesting to me to see the old favorite quilt blocks reborn into something fresh. Don't get me wrong-I still love traditional quilts-but one of the reasons that I love quilting so much is the variety that it offers. Art quilts, traditional quilts, modern quilts, and then quilts that don't really fit a label. In my book, it's all good.

One thing that I've learned is that it's okay to play. I think sometimes as adults we lose sight of how fun it can be to just follow an idea to see where it takes you. To try something that might not work, but if it does, it's magical and simply a lot of fun.

So yesterday, while my dinner of comfort food, macaroni and cheese, was cooking, I pulled out my scraps and started playing. I was inspired by reading the book, Modern Blocks, specifically the Checkers block by Monika Wintermantel. That block made me think of my beloved corgi, Max,

who quivers at the word squirrel and then dashes out the back door to chase one or two. He's too slow to ever catch one, but boy, does he try and his stubby legs just fly! I quilted dog bones floating in the sky, getting bigger and bigger as they went skyward, which would be like winning the lottery for Max-a dog bone bigger than he is. Pure bliss. This is hanging on my front door now, giving me a laugh every time I come home.

A friend gave me a wonderful gift of a quilted bag. You know, I've always meant to make one, it's on my bucket list, but somehow I have never gotten around to it. So thanks, Marty, for an awesome new batik bag that I've filled to the brim with handspindles and fiber :-) It now goes with me wherever I go so that I'll always have my spinning with me. Woohoo!!

A big hello to the new readers that have joined my blog. Thanks and I hope to get to know you better in the future!

My garden is starting to flower and I love seeing it so I thought that I'd share some photos with you. My bleeding heart which is so neat to see each spring-

The delicate grape hyacinths are flowering and they add a little burst of color to our yard.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Danke Judy, für deine lustige Geschichte mit dem Hundeknochen, und die schönen Bilder aus deinem Garten. Mein "Tränendes Herz" schaut erst aus dem Boden, für die Bütezeit dauert es noch einwenig.

    Viele Grüsse

  2. What a fun quilt depicting your corgi. , It must make you happy to know your hand spindles are in such a wonderful bag. Lovely flowers photos, I love the bleeding heart flowers.

  3. I love your little quilt - what fun! And a gorgeous bag, all my favourite colours. I do enjoy watching all the different flowers reappear each spring, your bleeding heart is beautiful. Have a great weekend Judy. xx

  4. What a cute little quilt,it makes me smile too.My sheltie alerts me everytime they try to get in the feeder,which is not often anymore,hahah,he takes his job seriously & they soon tire of it.
    Your flowers are blooming sooner than mine,have a happy weekend,Phyllis

  5. What a fun little quilt , our dog loves to chase the squirrels too but again they are much too fast for him . Lovely to see such wonderful color in the garden , it will be a while before we see any so I will delight in yours . What a gorgeous bag !

  6. What a fun quilt! That's a lovely bag too, it will be very useful. Your flowers are so pretty, they are a lovely way to welcome spring.

  7. This is a great little quilt! I like modern quilts too.
    Spring is here also. Lots of work in the garden.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Oh I just love your little Max quilt! So fun and whimsical - I can certainly see why it makes you smile :) I love modern too, but I always have that element of the traditional in there as well. Just like life, I always have a foot in both worlds :)

  9. Wonderful Corgi quilt! And, I agree with you, it's all good. One should not be afraid to explore.

  10. Your Corgi quilt is very cute and makes me smile, too!
    How nice to receive a quilted bag too.
    So nice to see your beautiful blooms in the yard.
    Have a great week.

  11. Adorable corgi quilt. The quilted bag is great! You can never have too many bags or projects filling them!

  12. Dear Judy...love you "new" quilting project...isn't it wonderful that we can be so creative with fabric! What a lovely gift from your friend! I'm sure you must treasure it!

    Your flowers are beautiful! We still have some snow on the ground...should see some flowers by the end of April. It certainly has been a cold one here in Maine!

    Sending hugs your way!

  13. what a sweet little quilt you made of your pup.
    And really nice bag from you friend.
    Oh, the bleeding heart flowers are so so pretty.


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