Friendship Star Baby Quilts from Vintage Pottery Barn Duvet Covers

I don't know about you, but I love frequenting the thrift shops in town. You never know what treasure you'll find. Sure, you have to comb through piles of junk, I mean stuff, but once in a while you come across something that makes the searching worthwhile. Speaking of finds, I'm always digging through the vintage cotton sheets, looking for good ones to use for donation quilts. One day I came across two lavender polka dotted vintage Pottery Barn duvet covers. Jackpot!! Those immediately went into my basket as I knew that they would make great baby quilts. I just finished sewing the binding on three donation baby quilts using the cotton fabric from those duvet covers :-)

Reading the modern quilt books inspired me to enlarge the blocks to 24 inches (61 cm) and then all I needed to do was to choose the quilt block. The friendship star block won out this time around and this is my version:

While out walking my canine buddies along the Boise River, I came across bushes that are covered with golden yellow flowers. I've been using my wildflower app to try to figure out what the plant is, but I've not been successful so far. They add a lovely splash of color to the walk.

I just finished knitting some Lincoln/Merino wool socks. I thought that I'd try this combination as I had the dyed wool on hand and I wondered how the Lincoln wool would fare as sock yarn. I had dyed the Merino a soft turquoise, bright blue and gray, then I spun that on one of my handspindles. That was plied with the Lincoln that had been dyed in yellow, green, and blue. I had no idea what the yarn would look like so I was pleasantly surprised at the result. I love hand dyed handspun yarn!!

Yesterday I started spinning another batch of Merino roving that I had previously dyed crimson, bright blue and gray.

Hmmm. I think more socks are in the future. It's a sickness, I know. But hey, one can never have TOO many hand dyed, handspun, handknit socks, right?

Our garden is putting on a nice spring show-

I thought that I'd drop off the baby quilts at the women's shelter in downtown Boise while I'm out cycling today in the lovely spring sunshine.
Enjoy your weekend,


  1. The quilts turned out beautifully; what a wonderful donation.
    Like you, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt at thrift stores.
    I think the yellow might be forsythia??
    Your spring blooms are so pretty. HOpe you enjoy cycling.

  2. I also love to browse in second hand shops , I always find something beautiful. But I can also give good things for which I have no use, but which are yet to use. A good circulation.
    The yellow flower looks like a forsythia.
    I wish you lots of fun in your garden, Birgit

  3. It is always fun to find treasures at thrift stores and you did a wonderful job of up cycling those sheets , what a great donation . Your socks are lovely as well as your garden flowers , can't wait to see some of ours come to life ;-)

  4. Your socks look gorgeous Judy as does the wool you are spinning now. I made two pairs of socks last winter and we have had the mildest winter ever and I have not used them! Beautiful pictures of your garden flowers. I am sure the little quilts will be much appreciated. xx

  5. I think it is a given that you can "never have TOO many hand dyed, handspun, handknit socks"!!! I'm drooling over yours - they're lovely!

    I love junk... er treasure hunting at thrift shops too - diving into mystery boxes and bins - what fun! I've found some of the most unique things in my digging adventures :)

  6. If it wasn't for upcycling, I might not be able to afford to make quilts!! Thrift shops can be so much fun. Am loving your socks! Maybe this summer I'll attempt a pair!

  7. I look for vintage sheets too when I go shopping. Cute quilt.
    Nice flowers. I don't know about the yellow one.


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