Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Playing with Improv

I was going to type in improv work and then I thought-it really isn't work at all-it's play and very enjoyable. I finished up the free-form quilt for my living room made up of 48 twelve inch blocks created from my scrap bin of beiges and greens. Okay, for full disclosure, I added green strips to the stack so that I'd have a good variety in values.

I'm hand quilting this using pearl cotton #8 thread in white. My son, Seb, asked me the other night why I'm hand quilting it when I have a good sewing machine. I laughed and told him that hand quilting is quite peaceful. The simple act of taking the stitches one by one, slowly watching the entire quilt transform is rather rewarding. I don't mean to denigrate machine quilting, but there are times when you just want to do the hand work. When I look back to think of quilts that I've made in the past, I find that my favorite quilts tend to be the ones that I've done hand work on.

I'm taking part in a Valentine's day postcard swap, and I just mailed them off. I'll share a photo of a prototype after they've arrived at their destinations!

I'm currently sewing on another improv quilt which will be hanging in my studio. I have a good stash of pinks and purples, solids and batiks, plus I've added gray, white, yellow, peach and a bit of spring green to the mix. I have twelve blocks done with four more to go.

The other day I was wandering around my favorite quilt shop, The Quilt Crossing, just taking in all of the luscious fabrics and threads-calorie free too!! Some wonderful variegated Valdani pearl cotton threads came home with me-
And there's a box of variegated pearl cotton threads in vibrant colors still at the store, calling my name ;-)

It rained up where we usually ski, and since I don't really like skiing ice, I'm waiting for the next snow storm before heading back up the mountain. Darn. But there's always fabric/fiber to play with instead....

Take care,


  1. Judy, your quilt looks marvelous! So many tiny pieces and (in both) a fitted color-combonation. Doing the sewing by hand is a great job, time to let the thougts flow. It's years ago, since I did some sewing, but for a few month I colored some fabric with the natural dyes, but there wasn't the right moment to do something fine with it.
    All the best for you, Birgit

  2. Oh Judy, was sehe ich da - du bist schon fertig mit dem Quilt! Einfach super gelungen, beide! Mir gefallen sie. Und das Valdani Garn dazu, ein Traum. Von Hand quilten ist wie Meditation, ich mag das auch sehr.

    Viele Grüsse und viel weichen Schnee wünscht dir


  3. Judy , you have been having fun and with some wonderful results, love your improv work/play!!

  4. Your improv quilts are great Judy - the first one looks like a woodland scene with sunlight streaming through. The second one is my favourite colourwise! as are those gorgeous threads. xx

  5. What great fun those quilts are! Will you be using any of the perle cotton for weaving?

  6. Your improv quilts are just amazing and I am impressed that you chose to hand quilt them. You go!

  7. your quilt is gorgeous. love the new blocks you are working on too.

  8. I love the colours in the second improve quilt. Such fun to play with fabric! I am participating in the Valentine postcard swap. I have to whip two of them up when I get home tomorrow or the next day.


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