Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Creative News From Our House

When my husband, Marshall, finds a spare moment in his busy schedule between work and going to school, he slips out to our garage where he's set up his shop. He loves working with wood and right now he's exploring turning on his lathe. He has stacks of wood-walnut, ash, cherry, maple-that he pulls a chunk from. I asked him how he decides what form each piece should take and he told me that he decides as he's working, so each item that he creates is unique.

This is a Bradford pear bowl turned from wood from a downed tree recovered a couple of blocks from our house.

This is another bowl turned from a Bradford pear tree, with a much different shape to it.

Okay, I hate to admit this, but I use this next to my sewing machine to store pins in when I don't want to use the bowl with a magnet. It seems rather like an unglorified use for a such a lovely bowl, but on the upside, I get to see it everyday while I'm sewing!

Marshall just gave away a wonderful walnut bowl with a unique shape, but it whizzed out of the house before I had a chance to take a photo of it. I did catch a photo of this stunning walnut plate, with the flowing grain lines and the special color changes.

This just went out of the house to be given as a special farewell gift for someone. The background fabric was handwoven by me using a wool boucle yarn that I dyed in various blues, from turquoise to deep blue, and purples ranging from lilac to plum.

What have I been working on? Thanks for asking! Recently I found out that a friend had lost her canine companion that had been her close buddy for years. I asked her husband, Don, to email me a photo of Zach, who was a gorgeous husky, so that I could make a memory quilt for Amy.

Well, I have to admit to feeling rather daunted as I had never tried anything like this before. So I broke the project down in small bites-first tracing the outline of Zach, then building the background piece, then tackling filling in the shadows and details with thread painting. A few dots of white paint in his eyes and he was done. What do you think?

We had a maple quilt hanger on hand that Marshall had made, so that will make it easy for the quilt to be hung where Amy and Don can see it. I hope that this quilt helps ease the sorrow just a bit. I know just how much you can miss your dog when they are no longer with you. Years ago we adopted a Sheltie while we were living in Okinawa, and he was with us until he was 15. He was an awesome dog and I still miss him years later.

I added a label on the back with dog bones on it which I knew would make Amy laugh. You see, each year at Christmas, she makes a batch of special dog bones and drops those off for my canine buddies. They love them!

Well, I've been inspired to tackle something new after finishing that project, so I'm starting a large landscape for my family room. I've never done one so large, 51 x 55 inches (130 x 140 cm), but I'm breaking it down piece by piece. I love quilting!!!!

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber today,


  1. Judy,
    The wood turned items are lovely but that small memory quilt will be cherished and loved forever. What a beautiful gift.

  2. Wow, wow, wow, your hubby is very talented and makes gorgeous things. And that quilt you made of the ladies dog, oh my goodness it is stunning. What a lovely and treasured gift you've made her. Your work is just gorgeous Judy!! Hugs!

  3. Oh, Judy! Wonderful bowls, I will show them to my son. It will be very interesting for him. An the quilt is such a special memory, different, beautyful, personal.
    Best for you, Birgit

  4. You have a truly talented husband. Love all the bowls and plates. What a wonderful quilt, you captured Zach so well.

  5. Marshalls wooden vessels are so beautiful. I bet you're always on the look out for fallen trees when you're out and about. Your memory quilt is so special, you've really captured Zach and the fun label is a wonderful touch. Enjoy piecing your landscape quilt.

  6. What a lovely quilt for your friend! You are right, our furry friends are part of our family and leave a huge hole when they leave us. Your husband's bowls are superb - wood is a wonderful medium!

  7. Marshall is a very talented woodworker , his projects are just gorgeous . I think you did a fantastic job on Zack , your friends will be thrilled . It is indeed difficult to loose a pet , they become such a huge part of our lives .

  8. What an amazing quilt gift for your friend Judy!!! She will be so touched and this will be something she can treasure forever. I'm really loving that bradford pear bowl your husband made - you're a lucky girl :*)

  9. What a beautiful piece Judy - well done for tackling it and it has worked really well. What a special gift for your friend. I love Marshalls beautiful bowls and plates, I can't resist a lovely piece of wood. xx

  10. He has talent! Beautiful wood turnings....I would use that bowl by my machine also!

  11. Wow---both you and your hubby are VERY creative. That quilt is awesome and what a great memory for your friend to have...

    AND--I love your hubby's woodwork... GORGEOUS.... I'm SO impressed.

  12. Non c'è che casa siete tutti molto bravi e creativi!

  13. Your husband sure has made some pretty wooden things. My husband likes working with wood too. He has been out in the garage working on a few different things.
    Love your quilt made in memory of your pup. Great job.

  14. The woodwork of your husband is really gorgeous!


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