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My husband, Marshall, just finished carving a spoon out of Bradford pear wood. In the evenings, he sits and carves while I knit or hand stitch. The spoon has a lovely, smooth feel to it with an interesting grain pattern on the handle.

I decided to remake a Sunshine and Shadow quilt that I had originally made in 1988 while we were stationed in Southern California. The fabrics are various calico prints that were cotton and cotton/polyester blends (ick).

This is my 2015 version made with batiks and solid cotton fabrics. I'm hand quilting it now with pearl cotton thread size 8.

I got a huge thumbs up from my youngest son, Seb, who loved the bright colors. How cool is that?

The other day I was out hiking with my husband and two dogs. We were on one of our favorite trails where we can let Sam, our huge golden retriever, run off leash. 

 And boy, can he run and run. It was a sunny, warm day so it was just awesome being outside seeing the wonderful Idaho scenery.

We saw 20-30 mule deer and I was able to get a photo before they took off running.

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber today,


  1. Oh, my, what a lovely spoon! And you quilt is beautifully done in batiks. What lovely scenery. I'd be out walking every day the weather permitted!!

  2. That spoon shows off the timber beautifully - it's stunning! Love your updated 'Trip Around the World' too. I never tire of seeing the amazing scenery where you live, give me mountains over the coast any day.

  3. What a beautiful spoon. Will you use it or have it for decoration. You're 2015 version your Sunshine and Shadow quilt is wonderful, such crisp colours, It's always good to get approval from family menmbers. I always enjoy photos from your walks.

  4. Hi Judy,
    your wooden spoon looks so nice! And I love the two different versions of your trip around the world although I'd prefer (only a little bit ;-) the 2015 colors! The nature where you live is stunning!!! Greatings from Cologne, Martina

  5. What a gorgeous spoon! Does Marshall know about Welsh love spoons? Both of your sunshine and shadow quilts are gorgeous and your photograph is amazing. xx

  6. What fabulous talent. That spoon is amazing. Your quilt colors make me long for Spring. Oh how beautiful the scenery. What an uplifting place to hike.

  7. I really like your remake quilt. The colours are nice and bright. The spoon is gorgeous and so is the quilted piece that it is lying on! And ah.... what a wonderful hike. I'm enjoying the scenery too.

  8. Gorgeous spoon! Love it! and your updated Sunshine and Shadows quilt is gorgeous.

  9. Hello Judy,
    thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures from where you are living,
    Times changes and the fabrics we use too, funny to see the two quilts together. I recognise the fabrics from the late 80's too.
    Will we call them "Vintage" *lol*
    Liebe Grüße


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