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Out of the blue I had someone contact me, saying that they wanted to send me something :-) Quilters really are the nicest people that you can meet, that's for sure. Speaking of kindness, a huge thanks to all of you who take the time out of your busy day to read my blog. It's been a blessing to my life to get to know you over the years.
The weather here has been warm and just right for gardening! My Creeping myrtle, Vinca minor, is exceptionally happy and flowering around my front flowerbeds.

We have cheery daffodils coming up, and maybe they don't last as long as the tulips do, but I sure love seeing them each year.

We have a mystery flower that is coming up and the petals have a lovely fuchsia color, and the plant has three long leaves. I don't remember planting it, and we can't remember ever seeing it before, so it really is a mystery.

I had some spare time the other day while I was out running errands so I stopped by my local yarn shop, The Twisted Ewe. I haven't been in there in ages and it just feeds the soul to go in, look at all the wonderful yarns/fibers and simply soak it all in. Wool-it's just so awesome. Well, some wondrous woolen goodies came home with me-a lovely superwash BFL Colorshift top by Frabjous Fibers that will make wonderful socks. I can hardly wait to start spinning and I'm trying to decide whether to use my wheel (which has been gathering dust) or to use one of my spindles. Hmmm-that's a tough choice....

And some sock yarn by KFI that is extra-fine Merino, polyamide, and cashmere. Talk about luxury for the feet :-) I started knitting up some socks while watching the extended version of LOR, (Lord of the Rings) which was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Speaking of spinning, I started spinning what is left of the Merino top that I had dyed a couple of years ago. I used bright blue, medium blue, and various solution strengths of black to dye this top and I'm spinning it on a spindle that Marshall made me. I thought that I'd ply it with black Merino top blended with alpaca and Tussah silk.
This seems to be the week for smaller projects and I thought it would be fun to make some coasters to go around my house. I had been reading the book, Improvising Tradition, by Alexandra Ledgerwood. I remembered that she had created some coasters using linen fabric and leftover scraps that she called Jewel Box Coasters. Well, I have lots of scraps, haha, and I have leftover linen pieces from sewing pillowcases. These were really fun to make so I think that I'll keep making them in all sorts of colors for myself and to keep on hand for convenient gifts.

This year our Forsythia bush is putting on a colorful show in our front yard, which is a huge improvement over last year when I think it had maybe one flower on it.

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber today or maybe a bit of gardening,


  1. You are so busy, Judy, so much creative time. I like the fibers you spin (and will do), it is amazing every time how the colours change.
    The mystery flower could be an old hyacinth. We have similar little one´s in the garden.
    Yesterday I carded wool from our sheep, to take it to a handicraft fair (Creativa) on thursday.
    Enjoy the springtime, Birgit

  2. Love your colourful spring flowers! I'm with Birgit on this, I think your flower is some sort of hyacinth. Your bright fibres and textiles are so cheerful, just right for spring.

  3. As always, such a treat!
    I look forward to seeing how your fiber spins up. The mini quilts are lovely.
    I agree with the two comments before me. It looks like a hyacinth. They have a wonderful scent, if you don't mind getting low to the ground to sniff them!

  4. Spring! Yeah, baby!!! Such pretty blossoms. I'm going to attempt my first pair of socks this spring, hoping it to be my 'to go project' while I'm in migration. I bought 4 needles, but I see you're working with circulars. Would I be better off finding a pattern for circular needles? Love those coasters! So bright and cheery, just like your flowers.

  5. Hello Judy - well your forsythia is well ahead of ours! I love what you call creeping myrtle and I call periwinkle! we have masses of it and I love the gorgeous blue of the flowers. Those coasters are delightful. Enjoy your spinning. xx

  6. Beautiful colors, love the blue on the spindle!

  7. Hello Judy,

    How lovely to have such a pretty plant come up. Love the coasters you made up. Good luck with the spinning and knitting, you are working with such lovely colours.

    Happy days.

  8. The coasters are so cute! I want to make them too. :-)

  9. WOW! spring is really showing off where you live. I just have daffodils. I love the fushia flower. So neat.
    I always enjoy seeing your yarn projects.

  10. Hi Idaho Friend, How are you??? Sounds like you have some of the same flowers we have... Your mystery 'may' be a Hyacinth (although I am not sure). It looks larger than ours.

    We had a rough winter with a horrible Ice Storm (which did a lot of damage). We're lucky to have ANY flowers this spring...



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