Summer Means Motorcycling Adventures

How has your summer been going?  A few weeks back my youngest son, Seb, and I signed up for an Idaho Star motorcycle safety class. I've ridden motorcycles for years, but I know that it's good to refresh your skills and learn some new ones, so I was looking forward to the class and I wasn't disappointed. We spent hours riding on the training area, practicing turns from wide to very short and sharp. But the emergency braking exercise, when the instructors told us what they wanted us to do-go 15-20 mph and then apply both brakes as hard as possible for a quick stop-that made me pause and think, you want me to do what?? We ride in a lot of sand and gravel, and if you grab both brakes hard, well, you usually go down. So that was a bit scary, but it worked well on the pavement of the training area, my motorcycle stayed upright, and I learned a new skill. We both passed the class, and we learned a lot so it was worth the time (and the stress!). I wish that I had taken some photos of the riding part of the class to share with you, but here's a photo of Seb riding with us.

Since then, we've logged hundreds of miles on our dual sport motorcycles, riding Idaho highways and forest service roads, exploring this scenic state that we love so much. I've been fortunate enough to be able to upgrade to riding a 2007 BMW F650GS, which is a hoot to ride. This is a photo taken at Deadwood Fire Lookout, elevation 8200 feet. There's a lovely place to eat lunch where you have a fantastic view of the mountains while surrounded by wildflowers.

On a motorcycle, it's easy to enjoy the views and the sunny day while you cruise along.

Yesterday we rode up to Sunset Fire Lookout, and once you leave the highway we proceeded up the scariest road I've ever ridden a motorcycle on. Six miles of very steep, sandy road with tight, steep corners. I was so happy when we finally reached the top and I could catch my breath. On the way up we passed an intrepid soul on a bicycle, pedaling like mad to make the hills. He finally made it to the fire lookout, which was amazing-he must have legs made out of steel!

Here I'm contemplating the hard ride back down to the highway while watching a red breasted nuthatch and mountain bluebird, our state bird, fly by.

This is the view from the fire lookout where you can see the Sawtooth and Trinity mountains. Do you see those rain clouds rolling in? It was time to head down the mountain before the rain hit us.
 This morning we're tired and sore, but we're planning our next motorcycling trip to another fire lookout. 
And I'll be ready :-)

Ride on,


  1. Sounds like fun, but always be careful! A quilter up here hit a deer on her bike a few weeks ago and was very fortunate not to have been more seriously hurt.

  2. Bicicletta, sci, moto...sei molto sportiva!



  3. Einfach herrlich - danke fürs teilhaben. Einen schönen neuen Header hast du nun auch!
    Liebe Grüsse

  4. Hello Judy. I sat down with my breakfast to enjoy your post and all the beautiful photographs. It is an amazing way to see so much beautiful country - the views are stunning. I do envy you that rain! It is weeks since we had anything more than some drizzle and the garden is drying up. We are recycling as much water as possible to keep the pots going (I do have rather a lot!) and Philip is now having to use mains water to keep the vegetables going. It is a while since we have had such a dry summer. Good to hear from you. xx

  5. Dear Judy,
    this sounds very good! So have a fun and save motorcycling summer! Take care, yours, Martina

  6. WOW! look at you. I think that is so cool! Have fun this summer.

  7. Judy
    you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I can just feel the fresh crisp air of the mountains from looking at your wonderful photos. My hubby was a biker in his younger days but an accident when he was 21 resulted in him having his right arm amputated so no more bikes. I know that he woud love to be able to get back to them so maybe a trike is the way for him to go. Please keep posting such great photos (living beside the sea means we are on a lot lower and flatter ground). Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  8. You are brave , I don't think I could ride a motorcycle . Now hubby and I owned one for years but I was always the passenger . Love your views and I can imagine it is the perfect way to see these wonderful sights . Stay safe .


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