Working Through An Idea While Pedaling

If you've read my posts, you know I'm a bit of an outdoor enthusiast. Okay, maybe a bit more like an avid outdoor enthusiast! While I'm out hiking or cycling, I'm usually working through design ideas in my head, thinking about possible color/design/size, etc. For months now, I've been thinking of making a bear's paw quilt, pondering how I wanted to make it, and then one day while pedaling it came to me.

When I got home, I sat down (after showering!) and started working on the quilt. I know that there are a lot of labels in the quilt world, and I don't think my quilts really fit any of them. Modern? Traditional? Improv? Hybrid mix? Well, anyway, I'm not convinced that labels really matter, so on to the quilt. I used the Whitewash Cottage fabric line from Moda to go with the bed quilt that I just finished. The blocks were pieced using long strips and segmented strips, some cut straight and others curved free hand.

This quilt measures 46 x 46 inches (117 cm x 117 cm) and it was hand quilted using pearl cotton thread in a soft peach color. 
I was so excited about finishing this quilt, I took this photo of it early one morning, just as the sun was coming up. 

It's now on my bedroom wall, hanging from a cherry quilt hanger that was created by my husband, Marshall.

On the spinning side of things, I have some lovely vivid purples dyed using drink mixes and acid dyes, from the Merino fleece that I bought from Cleo. 
Have I mentioned how much I love wool? 
There's such a delicious softness to this Merino that makes you want to gently squeeze it while saying, "ahhhh."

I'm spinning a soft single on a Marshall original spindle with a walnut whorl and an oak shaft turned from a branch from the oak tree in our front yard. How neat is that??

 I've started knitting another lace scarf with the purple Merino yarn fresh off of my spindle. 
Now I understand why people love knitting lace-it's airy and simply lovely to wear.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. I think when you exercise it's a great right brained time! I walk and run a lot and it's amazing how many great ideas or solutions I come up with. I love your spinning! I think you come up with some amazing color combinations. You (almost!) make me want to spin again.

  2. I do some of my best thinking while driving. But I've never had such a brilliant idea for a quilt! That is

  3. I wish my brain worked like that , beautiful quilt!

  4. Your Bear Paw quilt was very beautiful! Congratulations!
    This lâ will become beautiful job, I love this color.
    Good exercises for good ideas!

  5. It's a lovely way to work a Bears Paw Judy and it looks great with Marshall's hanger. Your wool is so gorgeous, it's going to be a lovely scarf. xx

  6. Dear Judy,
    I love your Bear Paw quilt, it looks very extraordinary in a modern fresh style! Great idea so never stop your outdoor activities ;-) Take care, Martina

  7. "Have I mentioned how much I love wool?" Yes you did :-), and i understand this. many greatings Anke :-)

  8. The wavy lines in the Bear Paw are extraordinary! That simple change makes it, well I wish I had that kind of creativity! My bike rides are not nearly as productive.

  9. Pretty snazzy! I get bursts of creative thoughts while I'm showering. your wool is very pretty. I met a spinner at the Fibre Arts Festival and I was drawn to her throughout the entire weekend.


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