Happy holidays from my family-Zach, Seb, Marshall and me. 
Our local ski resort has been blessed with inches and inches of fresh powder 
so I probably won't be posting for a while.
If you see a woman with a gray helmet and red ski pants
whizzing down the slopes with a happy grin, that'll be me!

I hope that you have a happy and healthy 2016.

Our son, Zach, shot a video of our family skiing:

See you in January!


  1. Merry Christmas to you all as well! I so admire your lifestyle. It really seems as though you live in a heavenly place and take full advantage of it. And fun to create so many items to keep warm. I am afraid that I will never wear wool again! I get hot and it's warm down here. Eat some snow for me and enjoy! ;-D

  2. Grazie per la visita e grazie per gli auguri,
    ricambio di cuore...che sia un sereno Natale e un bellissimo 2016 per tutti voi!

  3. Amazing video! We never had such amounts of snow here, it would be wonderfull, silent, vast, pure nature. Maybe you would like to email your adresss - not this year, but ...
    All the best for you and your beloved family, Judy and take care!

  4. Lovely!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Enjoy the beautiful snow!

  5. Thank you! Happy Holidays to you and your family too!
    Wonderful you to tan all this snow!
    Good fun! Hugs!

  6. Fantastic snow this year! Those Go-Pros do such an excellent job of keeping things steady. Enjoy your time on the slopes - sewing projects will wait. Come on over to Sun Valley - friends say it is THE best snow in decades.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. This is gorgeous!!! We are still waiting for good snow here in the Alps... I'm not sure, whether we'll be able to go skiing during the Christmas holidays... Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!
    Here in Germany it´s a green christmas this year, I think that would be hard for you but I dont´t mind, never did any skiing ;-)
    Have a nice time!

  9. Awesome!! Have a wonderful snowy skiing fun family Christmas and a happy whizzing along powder snow New Year.

  10. Gorgeous photos, Judy ! Enjoy the fantastic skiing.....Happy New Year to you and your family. Best wishes for a wonderful 2016, from Marina and Daryl

  11. Dear Judy, a Happy New Year to you and your Family.
    Best regards

  12. Dear Judy. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and all those great pictures of wintertime. We're still waiting for snow here at the lake constance. I wish you a great 2016. Stay all healthy and happy!!!
    lots of love

  13. I'm not sure about hurtling downhill with a video camera on a pole.... Oh to be young and daring. It looks beautiful out there though. Happy new year!


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