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This is the first post of 2016! 
There's something about a new year that makes one think
 about fresh possibilities and perhaps setting ambitious goals.
Last year I set a goal of cycling 2000 miles
on my bike and I almost made it
closing the year out with
almost 1600 miles.

That feels so good to write!!

I had a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago.
Lin sent me a lovely, creative Christmas postcard.
Thanks so much for thinking of me, Lin!

Two days ago I finished weaving the 8/2 cotton warp that was on my vintage
Harrisville loom (happy dance.)
The weave structure was M's and O's, 
the project was washcloths, 
I used a variety of wefts for this
as I wanted to clean out my
weaving hutch where I store my cones of yarn. 
So the wefts varied
from hemp to linen to cotton.

And I finally finished weaving something!!

I also finished some baby quilts made from vintage sheets
that were dropped off at the local
homeless shelter.
May they bring comfort to someone
in need.

I've been slowly knitting some socks from handspun BFL 
that I dyed last year in peach, tan, 
turqoise, rose, and
sky blue.

On the spinning side of things,
I'm spinning some hand-dyed BFL
from Frabjous Fibers in the Balsam colorway.

I thought I'd leave you with an early morning photo
that I took while sitting with my family
on the Pine Creek lift on 
the backside of Bogus.
This year the skiing has been a blast due
to the wonderful powder
and my knee has held together
another year, 
so life is good :-)

Here's hoping you have time for fabric/fiber today,


  1. Nice photos! Love your weaving. And this beautiful picture of the ski lift!
    No snow here yet, but it's getting a little colder...
    Have a great week.

  2. You've been a busy bee! All of your projects are just delightful. Have fun in the snow! XO

  3. You've been getting so much done! I especially want to touch those wash cloths!

  4. Oh and Ah worthy. Some lovely stuff going on there Judy!
    How are you liking the little Harrisville? I am trying to sell the Murphy due to size and am looking into a Harrisville to just dedicate to Prayer Flag weaving.
    Seems we have been sending snow your way in a pretty steady fashion!

  5. Such beautiful projects and a successful 2015 , you should be proud of your accomplishments. Love the socks 😊

  6. Seems there were full filled times, knitting, weaving, skiing, cycling (!!). Must be wonderful to go out in this amazing landscape enjoying all the snow. Here it is only raining but good chance to do some felting and stitching near the fire.

  7. Always a pleasure to read your posts Judy so my pleasure to send you a card. Love your weaving - looks super as do those socks. xx

  8. HI Judy, all of your projects are FABULOUS. We love the colors of the socks, which look so warm and cozy. You are so talented ! We are really enjoying your blog ! Best wishes for a wonderful 2016 and beyond, from Marina and Daryl

  9. Hi Judy, all good whishes for you and a your family. Have a great new year.

    The baby blankets are lovely. It is very kind that you do such a good work for those hwo need help.

    I love your winterfotos. We have such a warm winter, that the crocus start to grow. Almost one or two month too early.

    Viele Grüße



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