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Each morning I try to fit in some spinning in some form, whether it's using one
of the lovely spindles created by my husband or
using one of my wheels.

The other day I started spinning some BFL that I had
bought years ago from a local yarn shop that
unfortunately went out of
I miss that shop!

This weekend I wanted to do a little bit of dyeing,
so I used the cold pour method to dye this energized singles skein, 
placing it in a large glass mixing bowl
filled with water. I used Berry Blue
drink mix, royal blue acid dye,
and a bright yellow acid dye,
pouring it on the immersed
skein in random areas, then 
tapping the skein to blend the colors before
heat setting the color in a microwave.

The balsam BFL wool from Frabjous Fibers that I've been spinning
has been plied into a three ply yarn
 and I'm 
rather happy with the result!

Using the locally sourced Merino wool that I dyed last fall
I created a warm hat for someone as a special
thank you.  The wool was hand carded and spun
on a spindle.
I unknowingly dropped a stitch 
close to the beginning, (dang it!!),
 so I had to unravel this
silly hat and start over. 
Meet my "double knit hat"-

On the weaving side of things, I want to weave an overshot
runner for my bedroom, so I've been searching through
my weaving books and reviewing my notes in my weaving notebook 
as I haven't woven overshot in some time.
It's good to review before beginning a new weaving project!

I'm starting a small quilt for our family room, and I have two blocks 
that I'm trying to choose between. Hmm, maybe
I'll combine them??

We've had so much fun skiing this year with the fresh powder 
that has blissfully arrived! I can't tell you how peaceful
it is to be in the snow covered mountains, whizzing 
along just enjoying the crisp air.

Ski on.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Your dye job is gorgeous and your hat is awesome - but what a bummer to have to undo it and start over. I guess it's twice as nice! Glad you are enjoying the winter and the snow and the all the fun that comes with it. I am so grateful that we are getting good snow pack this year so we don't have a drought in the summer. Hugs!!

  2. Omg, your yarn came out absolutely beautiful! Glad you're having so much fun, inside and out! XO

  3. Beautiful yarn, nice hat and great skiing!

  4. So viel tolle Wolle
    Liebe Inselgrüße Sheepy

  5. The wool you´ve dyed is so beautyful! You´ve first deyed the single and plyed it then?! An other new experience for me. Enjoy the snow, we have got just a littler bit but sinking (really seasonable) temperatures.

  6. Lots of lovliness Judy - the wool you dyed looks gorgeous. Great pictures of the snow. xx

  7. Judy, At long last I found your blog again! It's Mildred from Georgia. I see you are keeping busy and still sharing these awesome photos.
    I am not blogging but feel free to email when you have a free minute @ mwnalley827

  8. Dear Judy,
    I entirely love your wintery photos. It looks stunning, were you are living. Have fun with all your outdoor activities, enjoy ;-) Martina

  9. What gorgeous yarns Judy!!! Your posts always make me nostalgic for a place I've never even been. Your words took me right there with you flying down that quiet mountain. Wow!

  10. Your yarn is so pretty, I always dye the roving then spin it, I need to try your method of dyeing it afterwards,beautiful,phyllis

  11. Du bist nicht zufrieden mit dem Garn? Ich finde es trotzdem schön. Dass du im Pulverschnee deine Kurven ziehen kannst ist doch wunderbar. Hier hat es seher wenig Schnee. Sogar die Vögel beginnen schon zu singen, es ist schon fast frühlingshaft.

    Liebe Grüsse


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