Scam Artists and Con Men

I hope you don't mind me telling you a story. 
I wish that I could say that it has a 
happy ending.

This is a story of a desolate Arizona ranch that years ago was willed to a single woman, 
who struggled with self-sufficiency, especially in running this ranch. 
She turned to two "professionals" for help, 
a CPA and as her health failed, a nurse, 
(who turned out to be an ex-convict).
 As the years went by both men sneakily persuaded/intimidated 
 this solitary, now elderly woman 
to sign over her assets for them to "manage"
while they charged her estate
$5000 a month. 

This woman, 
who wanted to live on her own terms and who was fiercely independent, 
turned to two men for help, 
and they have robbed her blind.
 She is now living in a cheap house trailer, 
not getting the medical care that she deserves and needs.
She has to beg for money to buy shoes
and wears cheap clothes.

And the said "professional" CPA and nurse,
well, they're living high 
on the money that they are "earning"
from managing this elderly woman's estate.

I used to think that there was justice in this world. 
At this point in my life
I'm not sure that I do any more.
Have you ever dealt with a smooth talking
Boy-can they be persuasive,
saying all sorts of things, 
especially when money is involved.
And it's amazing that some people fall for
their garrulous tales/lies,
but, you know,
some people are vulnerable.
Which makes them targets for
con men and ex-cons.

But, you know what? 
I firmly believe in Hell, and my hope is,
that these two guys will eventually
be held accountable for the suffering
that they've inflicted on
one solitary elderly woman.

If you see someone who is bullying/abusing/stealing
from an elderly person, 
please, PLEASE, stand up
and try to help them.
Especially if an ex-convict is involved,
who is smooth talking
and will say or do anything to get money 
that doesn't belong to him.
Easy money, 
stolen from an elderly woman.