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My husband, Marshall, had some quality shop time this past weekend, so he had his lathe up and running, happily making sawdust.

The first creative endeavor resulted in this lovely walnut bowl,
that has wonderful grain lines
running through it.

The second creative endeavor resulted in a delicate, fluted walnut bowl, 
which is an inventive change.

The other day I visited Cleo, who owns and runs the local fiber/spinning shop,
The Sheep Shed. I love visiting her shop which is filled with bags
of fiber and more fiber-processed,
unprocessed, dyed or undyed. 
As we talked about, you guessed it, 
our favorite spinning projects,
I wandered around her shop, just feeling the 
outstanding wool that she sells.
It's taken me years to find someone
who sells quality wool with very little vegetable matter.
You say to yourself weeds don't matter.
Until you have to handpick those bloomin' weeds
out of the wool as you're trying to spin.
So if you're in the market for some lovely wool,
call Cleo, 208-466-4365,
 and she'll find just what you want.

I came home with two Merino fleeces, one a delicately crimped
ivory color, and the other, a multiple colored silver that has
a soft hand to it.
I'm washing/scouring part of the silver fleece this morning :-)

Every time I visit her shop I pine after the cherry Matchless spinning wheel
that she has there. I have to mentally pinch myself,
and tell myself I do NOT need another wheel.
Even if it's a cherry wood with a gorgeous, dark, rich patina to it....
No. No. No!

On to quilting, and continuing the scrap, vintage block theme, 
I just finished a variation of the bear paw block.
The small quilt pattern is called Oso,
which is Spanish for bear,
created by Carrie Nelson.
This is my version, which has four inch (10 cm)
blocks and an overall size of 33 x 40 inches
(84 x 102 cm).

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber today,


  1. Sawdust is referred to as "man glitter" around here! The bowl are absolutely beautiful. talent is not scarce around your home.

  2. Beautiful bowl,could look at those grains all day,as for wheels...I am running out of room but I lust after a wheel that costs $8000,can`t find the name of them but they are very colorful & look like native american made.They are usually always in the spin off mag ads.have a great day! your quilt is lovely too,phyllis

  3. The creative beams of energy must just zing around your house like lightning Judy!!! Your husband is so talented - those walnut bowls are amazing .. I'm drooling!!!! And I say, treat yourself to that spinning wheel one day soon <3

  4. You know what, you should buy the wheel you covet. If you don't love it you can always sell it for close to the price you paid. Life is far to short not to treat yourself once in a while to something wonderful!

  5. oh my goodness your hubby is talented and the bowls are simply gorgeous. I love your description of the wool shop and the wheel. good girl for walking away, which we all know is hard to do sometimes. your quilt is gorgeous - you are so talented in so many things. Hugs!

  6. The bowls your husband turned look wonderfull, so smooth and soft! The colour seem s like gold. Our son never tryed walnut (I must show him). Oh, and I took a look at the Matchless....hmm, understand. It looks similar to the joy, my first wheel, still in use.
    Have a good time, Birgit

  7. Lovely turning by Marshall and I loved the plate in your previous post but forgot to mention it. Another great quilt top. xx

  8. Oh, welch schöne Schale, dein Mann hat wirklich ein Talent, es ist wunderschön. Schöne Fasern, ein tolles Spinnrad, ja, ich kann dich gut verstehen, wie dein Herz höher schlägt bei diesem Anblick :-). Da nein sagen zu können braucht schon etwas.

    Schon wieder einen Quilt in Arbeit, du bist so fleissig!

    Weiter viel Freude, auch deinem Mann beim Drechslern, und dir mit Stoffen, Nähen, Spinnen, Färben und Weben. Habe ich etwas vergessen?

    Herzliche Grüsse

  9. They are lovely bowls, and I admire quilters!


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