Another Lovely Spring Day

Has it warmed up where you live? Here in Boise the weather 
has been grand, warm and sunny,
which has been perfect for gardening.
My roses have been watered with the compost tea that I make
and the other bushes have been fertilized.
I really enjoy watching things grow,
so gardening doesn't seem at all like work to me.
Plus, I love being outside,
so gardening is a win-win for me.

My husband, Marshall, has finished a couple of birdhouses 
that I think are rather cool.
The first was painted using milk paint in two colors,
and then coated in Tried & True,
which is a combination of linseed oil and beeswax.
He has attached it to the side of the shed in our backyard,
and I can see it from my sewing window.
Maybe it will have occupants soon
that I'll be able to watch!

The second birdhouse was constructed using the 
cove and flute method which is used by
canoe makers. It gave him the ability to make the birdhouse
sides have an interesting curve to them
since the sides were made with thin strips of cedar.
He asked me to hand it to him while he was on a ladder,
and unfortunately I didn't think about my compost 
covered gloves, hence the dark smudges on the sides :-(

On the sewing side of things, I've been making a star quilt, 
using the pattern Starlight Express from the book,
by Pam and Nicky Lintott.
It's a great way to utilize jelly rolls,
which are 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) strips 
that come packaged as a collection.
The one I'm using is called Union Blues
and it's by Barbara Brackman
for Moda Fabrics.

I need to make four stars for this quilt
and I have three finished so far.

I've started spinning the red, orange, and bright yellow 
Merino/nylon roving that I dyed last week.
It's been a pleasure to spin as it drafts quite easily,
and I love the colors.

On my knitting needles, well, 
they are just off my needles,
are the BLF handspun socks that I dyed
in long strips of yellow, sky blue,
and lavender.
They are simple socks spun heavier than normal
for socks that I can wear with my 
Birkenstocks or hiking boots.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric this week,


  1. Judy, the nest boxes are so beautyful, I do like the special forms. A smal and cozy ground for the nest. Today I recognize two great tits inspecting one of our nest boxes.(I tryed to comment already your second last post, but it was impossible, our confused network).
    I also admired your sun-warm coloured spinning fibers. Maybe soon you could spin outside in the garden. We hope for warmer weather, because a lot things got to be done.
    Now I´ll take my wool and needles, like you and relax.

  2. I love the interesting shapes of the bird houses. Any bird would be proud to call them home. Your star blocks are wonderful, your photos really make them shine. I always enjoy seeing your yarn projects, they're always the most wonderful colours.

  3. Such a display of talent in one post!
    The star are just amazing!

  4. Such a display of talent in one post!
    The star are just amazing!

  5. Love the pictures of the sun shining through the quilt blocks :)

  6. Lucky birds in your garden with such palatial accommodation! The stars are gorgeous and are going to make a super quilt and I love the socks. Cool here in the UK with rain forecast for tomorrow, but it is lovely to spend time with friends and family. xx

  7. You've both been busy with some fun projects!

  8. Lovely work as always! Love the second birdhouse with its curved sides. I hope the weather stays nice so you can enjoy your garden.
    It's been a little warmer here, but today it's windy and rainy. So, no gardening today.


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