Creative News From My House

Here in Boise the sun has been shining and we've had some lovely 
spring weather which has been perfect for gardening,
or simply sitting outside spinning.

My husband, Marshall, finished another unique birdhouse
with curved lines using the same
cove and flute techniques for the sides.
He added some milk paint on the front
for a dash of color.

For now it's hanging in front of our house, 
but eventually we'd like to hang it in the oak tree in our front yard.

I finished hand quilting the London square quilt!
It turned out just as I had hoped that it would....
I finished spinning the red, orange, and bright yellow
Merino/nylon roving that I dyed.
It was quite nice to spin and I love the bright colors.
I think it will make some snazzy socks :-)

I was walking a nature trail along the Boise River
the other day with my dogs 
and I was able to photograph a couple of birds that I saw
before they took flight.

Speaking of birds, my family and I were out riding
our dual sport motorcycles last Saturday
when I stopped to take photos of a
hillside where swallows have hollowed out homes.

We rode by a colorful orchard of fruit trees in bloom.

And we stopped for a picnic lunch along the Payette River where we 
were watching an osprey catch his fish lunch.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric
or maybe just taking in the lovely spring views,


  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like you are having a lovely spring :)

  2. The birdhouses are just fabulous, and each one is so original! We imagine that the birds love those houses, which are both very upscale and very cozy.
    We love the gorgeous colors of your homespun yard and the fabulous scenery. Springtime in Idaho is truly a delight to behold.
    Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl

  3. Another briliant birdhouse - such lucky birds and I love the way your quilt has turned out. How interesting to see all those holes made by the swallows and is that cherry blossom? You take such great pictures Judy - I love your wordless Wednesday pics but there is never anywhere to comment. Have a great weekend. xx

  4. Such eye candy! You covered all the bases that are close to my heart! XO

  5. The weather looks so nice already! Lucky you!
    Your orange yarn is amazing. Love it.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. The bird house is just adorable , the new tenant that moves in will surely approve. Lovely quilt you have finished up and that yarn is incredible. Love your birds and the swallow holes , great photos.


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