It's A Lovely Spring

This is the time of year when I'm thankful that I love to be outside to garden. 
Just seeing our plants coming up each year, 
year after year, is so rewarding. 

The other morning I was tying up the raspberries and blackberries and cutting old canes. 
We have 'Coho' red raspberries growing along with 'Indian summer' raspberries.  
The blackberries are 'Natchez' thornless blackberries along with 'Black Satin' thornless blackberries.
I really love the wooden supports that Marshall made as they make it so much easier to take care of the plants and to find the fruit when it's ripe!

Our climbing roses, 'Climbing Blaze' are quite happy this year 
after being cut back earlier in the spring. 
By the end of summer they will be past the top of the wooden obelisk 
that Marshall made, that we laughingly call the tower of power. 
Who knows why that started?

Our redosier dogwood bushes are starting to flower along the fence line, 
which adds a bright touch of ivory.

I finished the Starlight Express quilt yesterday (hip hip hooray!) 
and I pin basted it this morning. 
I'll start quilting this today and 
because this is an long overdue gift for someone, 
 I'll be rather glad to have it done
so that I can give it to them as they've been quite patient. 

Do you remember the Merino/nylon roving that I dyed a few months back? 
I've been happily spinning that each day. 
There's something quite satisfying about creating your own unique yarn
 and then using it in a knitting or weaving project.

Speaking of weaving, I've been visiting Ravelry and Weavolution,
 seeing what others are creating on their looms, 
and feeling rather guilty that my warp is just sitting there. 
Waiting for me to get with the program....
Okay, I will finish warping my loom! 
This week, for sure.

Yesterday I was out walking with my buddies,
Sam and Max,

and I realized what an awesome morning it was with the sun shining 
and the trees flowering all around me.
It was one of those days to count my blessings.
And there are so many.
Including the fact that it's motorcycling weather,
once again :-)

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Lovely creations happening there. How I envy you the berries. We would have to build Fort Knox to protect them if we planted any and then I would worry they would attack bears. Beautiful yarn and how perfect, skiing in the winter, riding in the summer. You got it made. Is there a sidecar for Max and Sam?

  2. Yes, it is a good time. Your Ouilt is fantastic, the wool also.
    Did you also have a good time
    lovley island greetings
    My English is bad- Thanks Google ;O)

  3. Lovely to see pictures of your garden Judy. Everything is growing quickly here now and there is beautiful fresh green everywhere. The quilt top looks lovely - the recipient will be very happy. Have a great weekend. xx

  4. Your garden sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing the beauty, inside and out!

  5. Beautiful garden, beautiful quilt and cute dogs!

  6. This beautys, nature, family, the animals, your talents - all this things are blessings, yes! Enjoy all those wonderful moments. I'm always happy that you share this.


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