Having Fun While Weaving A Rag Rug

I've always liked the idea of rag rugs
-taking vintage cotton sheets, old cotton shirts, or jeans-
and recycling them into a rug. 
And then years ago I wove my first one
and I was hooked,
 as it was just fun to weave!
Easy weaving with a plain weave set up,
and then it was all about throwing the shuttle
while watching the rug emerge. 
How cool is that?

I'm using my vintage Norwood loom to weave
these three rag rugs, but after that,
she's going to have to find another home.
I'm truly disappointed about that as she's a lovely
cherry loom, but after a knee injury/surgery,
I've realized that I can no longer treadle a large jack loom.
So I'll search for a countermarch loom
and one day one will turn up when the time is right.

Back to my cheery rug for my kitchen-
the warp is 8/4 cotton dyed
tangerine and sunny yellow with bursts of white thrown in.
The weft is vintage cotton sheets from the thrift store
dyed tangerine
and the weave structure is plain weave.

I'm adding inclusions of cotton scraps from my quilting bins to add bursts of color.
It's the first time I've tried that and I like the result!
Plus, it supports my goal this year of using up those cotton
scraps that seem to multiply while I sleep.
Theresa, whose blog I enjoy reading,
suggested adding a lime yarn to the mix,
which started me thinking about the possibilities.
I've been reading about Saori weaving or free style weaving,
which made me think of adding small bits of fabric
to my rug.

On my needles I have a pair of socks (I bet you couldn't have guessed that!) 
and the yarn is hand dyed, hand spun Merino/nylon.
I'm almost done with the second sock :-)

 On the quilting side of things, I've finished four more
baby quilts. 
I thought that since I'm on a roll here, 
I might as well do four more.

Wow, it's been hot here, 
which I'm not fond of,
so I'm quite thankful for a cool house 
and fun creative things to do. 
Where it's cool.

Max, my beloved corgi, just turned 10. 
How did the time go by so fast?
It seems like just the other day when I brought
home my first corgi puppy....
Those ears just made us laugh every time we looked at him.
What a goof!

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Max is ax certainly is a handsome boy! Time sure flies, doesn't it? Really loving your rag rugs. What fun to try ew things and have them work! Have a wonderful, funderful weekend! XO

  2. Dein Max möchte ich gleich richtig knuddeln... und geniesse die Zeit mit ihm, die Zeit vergeht leider so schnell.
    Was du da auf dem Webstuhl wieder machst finde ich super schön. Freies Weben, ist das fast wie freies Quilten? Das wird ein Stück von dir und deinem Herz und ist nicht vorgezeichnet auf Papier - wie wunderbar ist das denn! Weiter so und viel Freude.
    Ein kühles Haus wünsche ich dir und grüsse

  3. I love your rag rug weaving - and the inclusion of the slubby bits is a really great ide. But what a shame that you have to say goodbye to your loom. We have had a few warm days and now we are back to rain - we have had a lot of rain and warm this year so the garden is really growing rapidly. Have a good weekend. xx

  4. The rug's turning out great! What a fun color! As always, you keep me thinking.

  5. I wish I copuld weave,your rug is very beautiful,love the bits of color thrown in to compliment it.
    Max is a sweetheart,have a great Sun.!phyllis

  6. Love your rug! And Max - of course!

  7. I love the look of texture in your rug and love your placement of colours. Surely you can never have too many scrumptious hand knitted socks! You've made 8 baby quilts?! wow! you are definitely on a roll! Happy Birthday to Max.

  8. Hi Judy,

    Your corgi is so sweet. Our Jack Russel died in Mach this year. She was a little over 16 years old. I still miss her. And she had funny ears too :-)
    I looooooooove your rug. The color is making me smile and who wouldn't want that in their kitchen! I am glad to see your beautiful work/blog is still around.


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