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                                             July was a really hectic month for my family.
Can you believe that it's August already?

I've been sewing, quilting, spinning, knitting, and weaving
when I can.
I finished a pair of hand spun Merino/nylon socks
that I had dyed in bright crimson, tangerine,
and sunny yellow.
Continuing with my scrap theme,
I've been sewing some improv hotpads,
along with some log cabin placemats in bright, primary colors.

And I've been weaving an overshot project 
that has been sitting on my Baby Wolf loom
waiting for me for far too long
(I set up my loom in January!!).
The pattern is called Remembrance,
and it's from the book
Weaving Designs 
Miniature Overshot Patterns
by Bertha Gray Hayes.
For the weavers out there,
the warp is 16/2 mercerized bleached cotton yarn, 
and the weft (pattern) is 8/2 tencel in lemon drop.
I've always loved overshot,
with the magical 3D effect that the pattern (heavier) yarn creates.

Work progresses on my other looms-
the freestyle weaving on my Hollandia loom,
and the M's & O's pattern woven in hemp/cotton
for washcloths on my vintage small Harrisville loom.

During July, we were able to motorcycle as a family
along many of the mountain roads that we've come to love.
We logged hundreds of miles,
taking in the views,
 relishing the backcountry roads that Idaho offers.
And it was a blast!!

From the left-Zach, myself, and Seb

From the left-Zach and Seb
From the left-Zach and Marshall

I hope that your summer is going well,


  1. It was really a busy July, Judy, I agree. Your photos shows a lot of your activities,inside and on the road. I wonder if you found all those beatyful ww-flowers during your motorcycling tours? All the best and always take care, Birgit

  2. Oh, Judy, so busy all the time. Your weaving, i love it. The one on the first photo is the same like on the second photo left side down? On the first it looks so fine, like a fabric for sewing some wearable Jacket or Skirt. I have no plan about weaving but i like to see, what you are producing. Great.
    The socks are funny striped, and i also should use my scraps for projects. More Scraps than fine fabrics in my baskets.

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures from Idaho. It must be a paradise.

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy.


  3. Zach is a whizz with the camera - that one of the three of you looking towards the mountains is stunning. Great socks and your weaving is lovely. xx

  4. Your projects are stunning, but your adventure pictures look like so much fun! XO

  5. Great projects! Why is it summer goes by in such a flash? Enjoy it while we can.

  6. You are such an Adventuress my friend!!! I live vicariously through you LOL :*)
    Your socks knock my socks off - love those bright colors! And your weaving - wow! How do you find the time for it all?


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