Creative Time

I don't know about you, but I love making baby quilts.
They are small so that they sew up fast,
and they make such great gifts.

I just finished a stack of tumbler baby quilts made using vintage
cotton sheets and donated fabric.
They will be heading off to 
which is Boise's homeless shelter for women and children.
May they give comfort to someone in need....

I've been happily weaving away,
making progress on my various projects,
and I'm two inches from finishing my overshot table runner!
I feel like doing a happy dance around the loom.

On the spinning side of things,
I just finished spinning four ounces of Merino/nylon roving
that I dyed in lilac, and sunny yellow.
I spun this using a short backward draw
at a ratio of 10.5:1 on a Matchless wheel.
Then I triple plied it with the idea of
using this yarn for socks.

One of my favorite roses, a Queen Elizabeth,
 is putting on a lovely show in our backyard.
It's grown to over five feet tall
and it's covered with elegant soft pink roses.
I can see it from my sewing desk,
so it brightens my day.

Here's hoping that you have
time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Everything's so pretty! It looks like you've been keeping crazy busy!

  2. Loving the matchless I hope! Such pretty pink quilts! You gong to do blue and greens next round?
    What a lovely rose. Does it smell as heavenly as it looks?

  3. Your quilts are beautiful & someone will cherish them I`m sure.I still cherish the 1 you sent me.
    The rose is lovely,all of mine are doing well except the New Dawn rose that I loved,but cut back 3 years ago as it was all over & didn`t have a much needed trellis.I pray it will bloom again at some point,it is a pretty pink like yours,have a great weekend,phyllis

  4. Lots of beautiful eye candy! Pretty little quilts, woven wonders, spinning spectaculars, and stunning blossoms! Who could ask for anything more! Wish I could stay as focused as you! Enjoy your weekend! XO

  5. Lovely stack of quilts to donate. I am looking forward to seeing your finished weaving project and the wool is so pretty. Have a great weekend. xx

  6. Hallo Judy
    Schon wieder hast du so schöne Decken als Spende genäht und sicher werden sie dankbar angenommen. Deine Rose blüht wirklich wunderschön und das ist eine tolle Aussicht von deinem Schreibisch. Wunderschöne Farben hast du für dein Sockengarn gefärbt, da bin ich gespannt auf die daraus gestrickten Socken. Du bist einfach ein Multitalent!

    Liebe Grüsse, Brigitte

  7. I know there will be some very grateful children using your baby quilts :*). We do a baby quilt drive each year in my guild and I love knowing that my stitching is going to help make a child happy. Can't wait to see your overshot table runner finish!!! And I am overwhelmed with the beauty of that rose! I love roses and tried to grow them once, but for some reason they did not care for my black thumb LOL!!! I'll enjoy yours instead :*)

  8. Wo soll ich anfangen ... ;O)
    Die Decken sind wirklich schön geworden und schön wenn sie auch für einen guten Zwecks sind. Das Muster auf dem Webstuhl ist umwerfend schön. So etwas bekomme ich mit einem Webrahmen natürlich nicht hin. Viel Spaß beim Socken stricken.
    Ich schau gern hier vorbei, du bist so vielseitig ;O))
    Lieben Inselruß

  9. Judy, we had some trouble the last week and I missed reading here. It's so good, that you put your time and knowledge in such helpful gifts. In Germany and the nearby Neatherlands there are special second hand shops, handled from physical or mental handycaped people or those how won't get a job anymore. And I often go there, sometimes bringing something and sometimes buying something (as today for our daughters the little appartment). So much we can do.

  10. Those quilts look so soft and comfy - they will be enjoyed, I'm certain! I love your roses. We had nice roses until about a week ago when the deer snuck in the yard and munched all of the blossoms right off! Hope they enjoyed a tasty treat (but don't come back for more - grrrrrr.)


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