No Politics Here....

I don't know about you, 
but I'm quite thankful that the election 
is right around the corner as
I have election fatigue. 
Then maybe,
just maybe,
we'll have a break from it all.
I know the system doesn't work like that,
does it?

My husband, Marshall,
loves to work with wood. 
In the evenings you'll find him carving
a spoon,
starting with a thick piece of wood,
and gradually working with it
until it takes on the shape that he wants it to be.

This is his latest creation,
made from a branch of a cherry tree that was once
growing in our yard.

I love the gentle curve of the handle.

And the small knots in the wood.

This spoon reminds me of the LOR,
when the Hobbits were talking about the trees speaking to them.
This spoon has a voice....

I just finished spinning some Cormo and silk for a
special woven scarf.
I thought that I'd pair this with some super-fine
cream alpaca.

Speaking of alpaca,
I purchased another weaving kit from the Yarn Barn.
This time I bought the Natural Alpaca Zen Stole kit.
I changed the colors to dark gray and black.
The alpaca is super soft and easy to weave with.
Fiber happiness!

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Honestly Judy, your work is so beautiful! You have such a way of combining colors when you spin to get the most luscious results! Do you sell your yarn ever, or do you all just have lots of scarves and socks and hats?
    I agree with you about the election - - - it's been unbearable !

  2. Oh, yes, an "Ent" is looking! A marvelous gift, creating something like that from a cherry tree beanch. And underneath your weaving!? (I did it and it was so so wonderful!! Now there is a little pause, time to practice.) I also hope, the election will go well.

  3. Oh, my goodness, your yarns and weaving are so gorgeous! And that spoon! All I can say is, "Wow!"

  4. What a lovely spoon!!! The shawl is great, too!

  5. Your election takes so long! And we get blow by blow coverage of it here - at least it takes the focus away from Brexit but I am sure that will take priority again soon! What a stunning spoon - I do love Marshall's work, and your alpaca kit looks gorgeous. Have a great weekend. xx

  6. What a wonderful spoon! And that's a sweet little piece of quilting that skein is sitting on. Just a pretty post all around! :-)

  7. I see a face in that last spoon. Love it! If he hasn't seen it yet, send Marshall sightseeing on website We found this store on one of our jaunts. It's a store FULL of spoons!
    I love woven patterns that look like weaving. That stole is so much fun!


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