The Last Day of October

is it true that it is already the last day of October?
The past couple of weeks my husband and I 
have been painting the exterior of our house.

How hard could painting a two story house be, 
The last time I did this was when we were living in Colorado,
when I was 20 years younger.
Somehow it seemed a bit easier then....
*whine alert*
I think that my painting arm fell off around day five of painting 
and my poor hubby had to deal with my grumpy attitude for a couple of weeks
as every, and I mean, every muscle hurt.
Cycling does not, NOT, use the same muscles,
for sure.
we made it without falling off of a ladder
or dropping a bucket of paint,
and we're now done.
That's the sound of me crawling over to the sofa and not moving ;-)

Okay, I'll stop whining.
Thanks for bearing with me!

Each morning I've been trying to fit in just a bit of creative time,
so with that in mind the other day I measured out a mixed warp of 5/2 pearl cotton
in brilliant blue, and soft turquoise. 
Then I added various 10/2 mercerized cotton yarns in moss green, 
brilliant green, acid green, teal, and two yellows to weave two scarves.

For the first scarf I alternated two weft yarns-
one a New Zealand Merino yarn that I had dyed a dark turquoise, 
and the other was a bumpy, slubby handspun silk yarn
The weave structure is plain weave.
This is the first time that I've blended cotton yarns with
Merino yarn, so I'm curious to see if I like to wear it.


The second scarf on this warp is being woven with an
upcycled cashmere yarn that I recovered from a thrift store sweater 
that I unraveled.
Originally the sweater was beige, 
and I dyed the yarn a combination of navy blue, and brilliant blue.
I'm alternating the cashmere yarn with a 16/2 bamboo yarn
in brilliant turquoise.
The bamboo yarn adds a lovely shine to the scarf!

I mentioned in another post about buying some weaving kits for the first time.
What I was hoping for was inspiration to go in a new direction with my weaving 
which had become a bit stale.
These scarves were inspired by the scarf kits that I bought,
so purchasing a few kits did prove to be helpful.
 I've been dreaming of yarn combinations ever since.
And thinking of maybe weaving some unique scarves/shawls to sell....

On my Hollandia loom is a plain weave shawl 
woven with a solid black Merino/tencel yarn,
a variegated black/gray/crimson 8/2 tencel yarn,

Speaking of stale,
I realized that I haven't been sewing on my scrap triangle quilt.
I don't like it, 
I don't know why,
so it's going to be put away until I can figure out how to proceed.
So instead, I've started another round of
donation baby quilts which are fun to sew
and even more fun to give away.

I was up early the other morning, 
listening to the quiet of the morning,
and appreciating the gorgeous sunrise.

Every day is a gift that I am just so thankful for,
Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Beautiful colors, I especially love the turquoise!
    Weaving is on my list of things to learn :)

  2. Every day IS a gift! When I awaken each morning, I can hardly wait to get out of bed. Your color choices are gorgeous and the scarves will be beautiful!! XO

  3. Good morning Judy - this popped into my inbox on the first day of November and yes, I am wondering where October went! Oh well done you for all that painting - there has not been much decorating going on here this year thank goodness. I am hoping the coat of paint I gave the front of the house a couple of years ago will last a good while! It is a beautiful morning here - we have had a run of 30 degree days with frosty nights which has been amazing but I think the daily temperatures are about to cool down. It has been a beautiful autumn though - the colour has been really good. Talking of colour your choices for the scarves are beautiful, I love looking at your weaving. Have a great November. xx

  4. Two people painting a two story house, it´s a challange and a great deal of work! And I can reenact how your muscels and bones feel like. Take a rest you two deserved it! There´s a time to work and a time to rest and someday a time to revive this quilt.
    I would like to sit next to you at the loom, just watching how the weaver´s shuttles slide through the warp...

  5. What beautiful colors you show - all the blues and greens. This must be fun to weave it and fun to weare it later on. I am stunning about your house painting stroy. Never ever I did such a great thing. Wow!

    Viele Grüße

  6. All right. You've convinced me! Not to paint my sewing room (yet). But to sample some plain weave for my handspun that's on my Julia. I started with a twill, but you reminded me how pretty tabby really is! Under the loom I go!
    Happy quilting, too!

  7. So beautiful scarves and a lovely sunrise!

  8. .. green, blue ... so great colors, all mine. The scarves are looks interesting.

  9. The blue/green/yellow weaving is beautiful- Well-done! I have purchased a small loom and am afraid to try! You are an inspiration. And the dying of cream re-cycled wool is very interesting! How did you dye it?

    1. Congrats on your loom! I remember feeling like that too when I first started. Do you have a weaving shop nearby where you can take a class or two? I learned how to weave from a great instructor, and she helped me so much. If not, the book Learning To Weave, by Deborah Chandler is a great help to get you started. If I can help in any way, just let me know!

  10. Those are such gorgeous colors in your yarns - very pretty! And of course, being a quilter, I am sitting here trying to imagine what color you painted your house? Strange the mind works sometimes. Glad you've got the job done and you won't have to do it again for a good long while.


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