Welcome October!

Here in Boise it's getting cooler and
the leaves are changing color.
I really enjoy living where the seasons change.

I just finished weaving my twill 
hemp/organic cotton/linen washcloths.
Wow, that's a mouthful!
I wanted to share after photos with you,
so that you can see the cloth after it's been
washed in hot water and
dried in a hot dryer.



The first time I wove these I was worried that the sett
(the closeness of the yarn)
was off.
Then I washed them, and discovered a pliable
cloth that felt just right.
I'll be mailing these to two special people this week, hurrah!

Project information:
  • I measured out a seven yard warp
  • warp was a 3 strand hemp yarn from Amazon and an organic cotton/hemp from the Woolery
  • weft was 20/2 linen from Webs
  • sett was 22 epi for 16 inches, adding 2 ends for floating selvages
  • the heavier hemp yarn was randomly placed across the warp for texture
  • I wove each washcloth 17 inches allowing for 1/2 inch hand sewn hems on each end
  • I wove various four shaft twills: pebble weave, Halvorsen #5 pebble weave, vertical herringbone, cord weave, vertical skip weave, balanced 2/2 twill
  • woven on a four shaft Baby Wolf loom
I took a little time away from working on my scrap triangle quilt
to play with color, making some bright improv coasters for my dining table.

Quite frequently on Saturday mornings, 
my husband, Marshall, and I
ride our bicycles downtown for some fresh air,
huge cinnamon rolls
plus coffee.
Okay, I admit it,
those cinnamon rolls are something to look forward to ;-)
Destination riding is fun....
And yep, I ate the whole thing myself.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Exciting work! Wow! That's one. Big. Cinnamon roll! Yum!

  2. What a difference washing those cloths makes - they look really interesting. Love your coasters and as for that bun!! xx

  3. Deine Webkünste bewundere ich immer wieder! Und so eine feine Zimtschnecke - hmmm - da bekomme ich gleich Lust auf etwas feines und gehe nun in die Küche....
    LG Brigitte

  4. I love the changing seasons too!
    The wash cloths look very nice :)


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