Scarf Play

I've been playing with weaving scarves lately.
I looked in my weaving notes and realized that
it's been six years since I last wove a scarf!
Now I'm making up for lost time.

I finished my bamboo/cashmere/silk plain weave scarf
and I love the hand/drape to it.
I wore it for the first time the other day
(even if it wasn't really cold enough)
and it felt deliciously awesome!
This is going to be a favorite scarf, 
I just know it.

I finished weaving the next series of scarves 
that had a fall feel to it with colors of burnt orange, soft yellow, and various greens.
I wove three scarves off of the Tencel warp:
starting on the left the weft is hand carded Cormo alternating
with a slubby handspun silk yarn; the black scarf has a
Merino/Tencel weft alternating with the handspun silk yarn; 
and the scarf on the right has a weft of upcycled cashmere yarn 
unraveled from a beige thrift store sweater that I 
dyed a soft green, burnt orange, and soft yellow.

The black Merino/Tencel/silk scarf has an interesting pebbly texture to it.

The Cormo wool started out being dyed in small bundles

then I hand carded it to make small rolags to spin.

Have you ever worked with Cormo wool?
It's super soft and lovely to spin/weave with.
I had the serendipitous opportunity to buy bags of 
Cormo wool a few years back from a local farmer.
Happy days :-)

The Cormo/silk/Tencel scarf:

I'm having a blast weaving scarves,
just in case you haven't noticed.

Weave on,


  1. Love your scarves. That first one looks perfect with your vest.

  2. Pretty yummy! You'll be the scarf queen! XO

  3. I love the black merino tencel silk one!!!

  4. So pretty! And, isn't it fun?! I'm using scarves as a kind of learning sampler (instead of towels).

  5. Oh Judy, they all look lovely, sounds like lots of fun. I like your new photograph too. xx

  6. The yarn in the blue scarf sounds delicious! Have fun wearing it this winter.

  7. These are beautiful!! I love the textures the weaving creates and although I dont use wool and yarns I love hearing about them, they sound so exotic and wonderful.

  8. Gorgeous scarves , I can just imagine how they feel too 😊


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