Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Joy of Throwing a Shuttle

I'm enjoying the work/play on my Hollandia loom,
squeezing in weaving time whenever I can.
The sett for this free style or Saori style cloth is a bit looser than I would normally choose,
and I skipped some dents while cramming others
to add more texture to the cloth.
My goal is to end up with a lightweight, flexible cloth
that will work well for an unique vest.

I started off changing the yarns every couple of inches
until I came across a combination that I liked so well-
 a blue variegated novelty yarn against an 8/2 tencel yarn in white-
I decided to weave the rest of the cloth with
these two colors interchanging with a clasped weft.

The ribbon yarn meandering across the cloth adds bursts of color.

While I'm weaving, I'm thinking of the vest that I want to make.

The other day my family and I decided to go hiking,
so we packed a picnic lunch and headed out the door
with Sam, our golden retriever.
(Max, our corgi, is getting too old to hike, poor guy.)
It was an awesome day to be in the mountains,
on a trail,
soaking up the wonderful Idaho views.

We were on the Around the Mountain trail up at Bogus,
and we stopped to take in the summer view of one of our favorite ski runs,
Upper Nugget.
It's funny how it doesn't seem that steep on skis,
but when you're hiking you notice it a bit more!

The Deerpoint lift was running, taking mountain bikers up
the mountain so that they could have a blast riding the many
trails that crisscross Bogus.

On the way back to the lodge and the parking area,
we passed a field of wildflowers.
In fact, all along the trail
we were able to see colorful flowers.

We ended up hiking ten miles,
and I have to admit that my legs are still tired today,
three days later ;-)
But it's a good tired.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,