Friday, August 19, 2016

Creative Time

I don't know about you, but I love making baby quilts.
They are small so that they sew up fast,
and they make such great gifts.

I just finished a stack of tumbler baby quilts made using vintage
cotton sheets and donated fabric.
They will be heading off to 
which is Boise's homeless shelter for women and children.
May they give comfort to someone in need....

I've been happily weaving away,
making progress on my various projects,
and I'm two inches from finishing my overshot table runner!
I feel like doing a happy dance around the loom.

On the spinning side of things,
I just finished spinning four ounces of Merino/nylon roving
that I dyed in lilac, and sunny yellow.
I spun this using a short backward draw
at a ratio of 10.5:1 on a Matchless wheel.
Then I triple plied it with the idea of
using this yarn for socks.

One of my favorite roses, a Queen Elizabeth,
 is putting on a lovely show in our backyard.
It's grown to over five feet tall
and it's covered with elegant soft pink roses.
I can see it from my sewing desk,
so it brightens my day.

Here's hoping that you have
time for fiber/fabric today,

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Bit of Color Play

This week I wanted to make someone
some improv coasters for their dining room table.
Bright colors were requested, so I pulled my
scrap bins out and started sewing.
The coasters are six inches square (15 cm)
and hand quilted using Sulky thread.

Fun little bursts of color!

I thought that pot holders/fabric trivets 
would be a great addition
to their kitchen as well.
I machine quilted these with an Insul-Bright
mylar layer in the middle
for heat protection.

I also thought some whimsical log cabin placemats
would be nice.
So far two are done, 
with cotton batting,
and hand quilted with large stitches using white thread.

On my knitting needles,
I've been knitting socks
using a pattern that I found on Ravelry.
It's David's Toe-Up Sock Cookbook,
which requires a bit of measuring and math,
but ends up with a perfectly fitted sock.  
Thanks, David, for sharing this pattern.

The wool is hand dyed in turquoise, sky blue,
chartreuse, spring green,
sunny yellow with a bit of white thrown in.

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber,

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Creative News

                                             July was a really hectic month for my family.
Can you believe that it's August already?

I've been sewing, quilting, spinning, knitting, and weaving
when I can.
I finished a pair of hand spun Merino/nylon socks
that I had dyed in bright crimson, tangerine,
and sunny yellow.
Continuing with my scrap theme,
I've been sewing some improv hotpads,
along with some log cabin placemats in bright, primary colors.

And I've been weaving an overshot project 
that has been sitting on my Baby Wolf loom
waiting for me for far too long
(I set up my loom in January!!).
The pattern is called Remembrance,
and it's from the book
Weaving Designs 
Miniature Overshot Patterns
by Bertha Gray Hayes.
For the weavers out there,
the warp is 16/2 mercerized bleached cotton yarn, 
and the weft (pattern) is 8/2 tencel in lemon drop.
I've always loved overshot,
with the magical 3D effect that the pattern (heavier) yarn creates.

Work progresses on my other looms-
the freestyle weaving on my Hollandia loom,
and the M's & O's pattern woven in hemp/cotton
for washcloths on my vintage small Harrisville loom.

During July, we were able to motorcycle as a family
along many of the mountain roads that we've come to love.
We logged hundreds of miles,
taking in the views,
 relishing the backcountry roads that Idaho offers.
And it was a blast!!

From the left-Zach, myself, and Seb

From the left-Zach and Seb
From the left-Zach and Marshall

I hope that your summer is going well,