Hello Again

I've missed blogging!
I knew that I would,
but while I was packing, packing, packing,
it seemed like simply too much to contemplate.
Moving is a lot of hard work,
for sure.

Lately I've been spinning on my Lendrum wheel,
 a delicious hand dyed roving
by Malabrigo,
of pure Merino wool,
in the Zarzamora colorway.
Wonderful softness spun into a singles.

I just finished spinning a Merino roving
into a soft yarn for a special hat.
The colors were chosen to go with 
a favorite jacket.
I can hardly wait to pick up
my knitting needles,
and watch the hat emerge,
stitch by stitch.

Happy spinning,


  1. Nice to hear from you again, Judy. Where did you move to? How does it compare to Idaho?

  2. Judy, so good to hear you again! I´ve missed your words, your work and your rides. Welcome back.

  3. Hey good to hear from you! Are you surrounded by boxes in your new house? I sure hope so. Lovely spinning and welcome back.
    PS: I have a quilt percolating this weekend.

  4. Those are beautiful colors! Glad you've made the move and lived to tell about it, lol! Tremendous undertaking.

  5. Hi Judy,
    so glad to hear from you again.
    I do hope that you and your husband are happy in your new home,
    where ever it is... I look forward to read about your wonderful handcrafts and great pictures as usualy.
    Liebe Grüße

  6. I'm so glad to see you back, again! I've been wondering how things are going.

  7. Hey, Judy! So very, very glad you 'popped' in! Hope you'll return to show your new hat when it's finished. How was the move? Are you happy? Miss you! XO


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