It's Friday- Gosh-Another Week Has Flown By

I'm really, REALLY, happy to be able to tell 
you that I have finished restoring the 
Glimakra Ideal countermarch loom.

I think that this 70 cm loom built in the 1980's
 had been destined for a dumpster,
since it had water damage and paint all over it.
I thought that it was well worth saving,
knowing that it would take hours
of restoration work.
Sanding it down removed most of the water damage,
and it took all of the paint off.
It now has three coats of Tung oil finish
rubbed into the wood,
so that it glistens with happiness.
maybe that's my happiness,
but if a loom could be happy,
this one would be,

I still have to assemble some parts,
and I had to order some parts that were missing,
but soon this small, sturdy loom will be weaving once again.

On the quilting side of things I've been working
on a baby quilt from the book,
Sunday Morning Quilts.
The design is called Up, Up, and Away,
and it features small bursts of color in the form of triangles
set with a white background.
I love scrap quilts, 
and I've wanted to make this quilt for some time,
so it's a win-win for me!
Can I tell you how nice it is to hear
my sewing machine humming,
once again :-)

On one of my small Baby Wolf looms I have
a blend of yarns that range from cottons
to bamboo to novelty polyester.
I have to admit that I've been a yarn snob 
for the longest time,
only weaving with natural yarns.
Then I ordered some Saori polyester blended yarns from Japan
that have interesting textures and colors,
and I realized that I was missing out.
So now I look for unusual yarns of any fiber
 to add to the stash,
just for the fun of it.
This will be sewn into a vest or
a summer shirt when it's woven
and cut off of the loom.

We have moved to a forested neighborhood out in the country,
and we seem to have a lot more birds around.
We both love to birdwatch,
so we have multiple feeders on our deck
 that we can from the windows.
We have four different hummingbirds coming through-
Rufous, Calliope, Broad-tailed, and Black-chinned.
So tiny, and yet so fierce in their battle
over the feeders.

I noticed this hidden in a bush against the house 
when I was doing yard work.
No takers so far,
maybe next year??

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber this week,


  1. So glad you're blogging again. Where did you end up? It looks like another beautiful spot. I am a Jack loom user and just took the basics class at Vavstuga. I did not like the Glimakras at all. Way too fussy. It was funny - the Jack users in the group had no idea what to do next when warping and setting them up! (this is Deb at adailydoseoffiber)

  2. I have the Sunday Morning Quilts book on my short list of quilt books. That pattern looks so pretty but egads...all those points! Nice to see happy looms and weavers! Win win. That nest looks like a robin nest and they may not use again.
    Aren't those little rufous hummers the bomb, like little red fireballs buzzing around. We get an occasional Calliope, Black Chins in the Valley and Allen's, but the Rufous always come for the season to entertain.

  3. How nice to see you, again, so soon! Man, that loom came out absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to try! I sure am loving that baby quilt. I'm a scrapper, too! Mostly. Such little blocks! We only get Ruby-throated hummers up here, and while I know they're around, they've been pretty scarce of late. I think they're busy, they disappear for a few weeks every summer. Enjoy!

  4. Lovely to see that loom restored, wood is so beautiful and needs to breath. It looks great. The scrappy quilt is fun and interesting. Must be fun exploring your new area and seeing different birds. xx

  5. How wonderful to see you blogging . I have been rather slack lately so completely missed this post . The loom is lovely and I just know you will have it singing real soon . The baby quilt will be gorgeous and i love hummingbirds , they just make you smile .

  6. Ein wunderschöner Baby-Quilt wird das. Wirst du ihn von Hand quilten oder mit der Maschine? Jetzt weiss ich, dass du wieder so wunderbar in der Natur wohnst, ich möchte da auch ein Vogel oder Kolibri sein.....
    Alles Liebe weiterhin bei deinen Arbeiten,


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