Creative Time

Happiness is having some creative time each day,
don't you think?
Just a bit of time makes the day seem that much better.

I finished the Up, Up, and Away baby quilt!!
It turned out just as I'd hoped, 
and all I have to do now is put a label on the back.
Then it will be winging it's way off
to the soon to be new parents :-)
I love quilting,
and giving them away to people
is the frosting on the cake,
you know?

I've started another baby quilt,
this time an improv slab design 
using scraps that I've saved over the years.
This was inspired by the Waterfall Quilt,
from the book
Improvising Tradition,
by Alexandra Ledgerwood.
I love that book!
So many fun designs to try out,
and they are on my list,
for sure.

I pulled out some Merino/silk roving that I dyed
last year to spin into a soft yarn for a special hat
or mittens.
Each morning I can sit on our back deck
while happily spinning,
 embracing the quiet neighborhood,
and listening to the birds.
Ah, bliss.

On the weaving side of things,
I'm continuing to play with the plain weave structure
while using novelty yarns blended
in with cotton, rayon, and bamboo yarns.
Sunny yellow and bright spring green-
a cheery combination that brightens the day just by looking at it.

I like playing with textured yarns,
and adding even more texture with 
yarn inclusions thrown in every now and then.
Two of the pirns that you see are handspun slubby silk yarns.

This is the first project on my Glimakra Ideal
countermarch loom :-)
It's an awesome, sturdy little loom,
that wasn't hard to set up at all.

This time I'm still playing with texture,
but I'm also playing with the sett,
so I crammed some dents in the reed where the colored yarn is,
and opened up the set where the textured yarns are.

My husband created some new wedges for my 
Glimakra Ideal loom
and bench
using Cocobolo wood.
I love the dark color,
and the interesting grain pattern.

He turned some new supports
for the bench seat out of African Padauk,
which is an interesting orange color,
and found some hardware for the seat.
He re-glued the legs to the floor supports,
and I was ready to weave on my new bench.
Thanks, Marshall, for your help!

My husband, Marshall, and I just celebrated
our 34th wedding anniversary this past weekend.
How did I get so lucky to share my life with such 
an awesome guy??

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Congratulations Judy and Marshall on your WA. Splendid! Love your quilt Judy and your improve blocks. Gorgeous weaving as always. So lovely to have you back. xx

  2. My goodness! Happy anniversary! Certainly enjoyed reading this post this morning! Fires me up for a creative day! XO

  3. Happy 34th! Just an awesome couple and both so creative. So glad you are loving your new little loom and digs. Porch spinning is a wonderful thing.

  4. Lovely, as always, all of it! Happy Anniversary :-).

  5. Happy 34th - we also celebrated our 34th this year. Love the new baby quilt and quilt in progress - I've added that book to my Amazon wish list. Hope you'll show what's on the loom once it's off and washed.

  6. Congratulation, dear Judy! 34 Years a long time! And how great your textile products! and yes! Me i also think that ---> Happiness is having some creative time each day. Many greating Anke

  7. Beautiful colors and projects.
    Congratulations to you and your husband on your wedding anniversary!

  8. Judy,
    That baby quilt is Exquisite! I'm so impressed with your use of color!
    My hubby and I just celebrated our 34th last month. It's a wonderful gift!
    It's so good to see you back here!


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