A Few Weaving Finishes

Last October I dressed my countermarch Hollandia loom
for a Tencel/Merino shawl.
I had hoped to finish weaving it before moving,
but I didn't make it.
 The loom was moved with the shawl warp still
on the loom.
Fast forward eleven months later,
and I just finished weaving this shawl.
The warp was an 8/2 Tencel in ruby
along with a variegated red 8/2 Tencel yarn
from the Yarn Barn in Kansas.
The weft was a 2/10 Merino/Tencel yarn in black,
alternating with the ruby 8/2 red Tencel.
The sett on this was 16 epi.
things I learned from weaving this-
when playing with color changes for a color and weave effect,
watch how the color shifts.
I learned to make my stripes odd numbers 
to retain the color and weave background that I wanted.
Thankfully I caught this after just a couple of inches 
of throwing my shuttles,
so it was an easy fix to unweave that section 
and begin again!

I haven't woven a shawl in ages, so I was excited about this one.
When I cut it off my loom, it felt a little stiff,
so I was rather anxious about that.
After a gentle soaking,
and air drying outside on a rack,
it softened up.
It feels wonderful :-)
Now I need to buy a special pin to hold it in place....

On one of my Baby Wolf looms,
I had a cheery yellow and spring green warp going.
I set this up for an open weave with a loose sett.
This past weekend I finished weaving the cloth.

I like how the novelty yarns give this a seersucker appearance.
I think that it will make an interesting jacket/vest.

On my other Baby Wolf loom,
I finished weaving the apricot/beige/brown warp.
(Yes, I had a marathon weaving session this past weekend!)
This was a tighter sett, 
with fewer novelty yarns.
The weft is an unpretentious 8/2 unmercerized cotton in natural.

Now, I really need to find a vest pattern that I like,
so that I can sit down to sew these!

On the spinning side of things,
I'm starting to spin some luscious BFL from Greenwood Fiberworks
in their Arcade colorway.

I've been stuck for a few days on the next section of my improv sampler quilt.
And then yesterday I had a breakthrough,
that I thought of while cycling.
While I cycle next to a lovely river,
I dream of weaving/quilting/spinning projects.

So today will be a sewing day....
Life is good.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,


  1. Judy your weaving is beautiful. The shawl looks stunning and you are going to have two lovely new jackets. Great river picture. xx

  2. I love your weavings and I hope you´ll show us what you´ve sown of the wonderful material.

  3. Deine Webarbeiten sind großartig. Ich schaue sehr gern bei dir vorbei und staune über die Vielfalt.
    Lieben Inselgruß

  4. Du bist wirklich eine Marathon-Weberin. Schön, dass der Schal weich geworden ist nach dem einweichen. Dein grün-gelbes Stück gefällt mir von der Farbe her am besten, aber auch alle anderen sind einfach wunderschön. Jetzt bin ich gespannt, was du daraus nähst.
    Weiter so viel Freude und herzliche Grüsse

  5. I know nothing about weaving, so it is always a delight to see what you've been up to. SO pretty!

  6. Such beautiful pieces of art :)
    I love to see your weaving projects. Someday I will learn!

  7. Love your novelty yarn weaving!

  8. Wow how great your weavings, i am very impressed! Like to have a look on your weavings. thanks for your comment on my blog greatings Anke

  9. Wow! You've been so productive! I'm impressed by it all, but I especially like the picture of you in the shawl with the quilts in the background! And that river picture! Don't stop!!!

  10. Oh, my goodness! Your work is so exciting! I absolutely adore that shawl, and the model is such a cutie, wink, wink!


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