Sewing = A Peaceful Day

I was reading a quilting book the other day
and the author mentioned that it didn't matter
to her how long it took to make a quilt.
I realized that resonated with me in a big way.
When I'm sewing/weaving/knitting/spinning,
I'm living in the moment,
thinking about what I'm creating.
Just savoring the moment....

This week I've been working on my improv quilt.
Making an improv quilt means that while I'm 
dusting or vacuuming I'm thinking
about my quilt.
Rotating blocks in my mind,
trying out colors,
thinking of what I want to do next.
I realized that I didn't like the huge circles
in the quilt,
so I cut it apart.

And then sewed it together differently.
I like it much better now.

In our previous house,
I had made an improv curtain for our back door
that came with me when we moved.
I ripped out the stitching that made it into a curtain,
added some cotton batting,
and a pieced backing.
I've been hand quilting it in the evenings,
which has been rather fun.

It's now hanging in my studio,
where I get to see it each day!

On the weaving side of things,
I took some time to rearrange my studio,
sorting through my yarns,
and organizing my space.
I measured out a new warp-
a blend of cotton, Tencel, 
and bamboo yarns to weave cloth for a top or a vest.

When I'm out cycling,
I pedal out into the country where I pass by a farm house
that has a unique patriotic gate
that inspires me.

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber this week,


  1. Absolutely! It's not about how quickly you can churn out a quilt but how much pleasure you get from doing it. Love the quilting. xx

  2. Judy, I know you moved from Boise. I loved all the pictures you took of views from your hiking/skiing/motorcycle riding. Where are you now?

  3. Positively! Your posts are always so inspiring! When I read one, I want to put down my iPad and get right to work!

  4. I like this words: ...."that it didn't matter
    to her how long it took to make a quilt.
    Sewing=happiness." who ist the author? and i also like the words beeing in the moment...with spinning, weawing, sewing. That`s it! the same with me. So great your Quilts. I am no quilter yet ;-) but i like them ! greatings Anke


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