The End of August

Mornings are getting cooler,
and the maple leaves on the tree next to our deck 
are starting to turn red.
You know what that means?
Ski season is just around the corner :-)
Oh, happy day....

back to reality,
and 90 degree weather.

I'll admit something to you,
I really don't like clothes sewing!
So my handwoven cloth is stacking up,
into a luscious pile,
but I didn't weave it to simply sit in my weaving hutch.
 One day I got my courage going 
and I decided to sit down 
to cut my fabric for a vest.
I had a McCall's pattern,

from years ago,
and I like the G version that has one button,
and simple lines.
So I made a muslin version first,
to check the fit,
adjusted it a bit,
and I was ready to cut my cloth.
This is the result,
and I love it!
That buttonhole almost did me in.
Automatic buttonholes,
That's an oxymoron,
for sure!

This pattern showcases the woven fabric,
and fits well.
I handwashed the cloth before cutting it,
and the loose weave filled in quite nicely.

So next up is the cheery green and yellow cloth!

I'm still sewing the improv sampler quilt
for our living room wall.
Just a bit more to do,
and then I can show it to you.

On the spinning side of things,
I've been sitting outside on our deck,
watching the birds and spinning
the colorful BFL wool.

In the mornings before it gets hot,
I've been sanding the second loom that I rescued,
a 120 cm Glimakra Standard.
It was covered with painted flowers,
and had water damage.
This is the roughest loom that I've restored.
I don't think that it ever had a warp on it.
I think that someone bought it,
then put it on a covered patio
where it sat in the snow.

I sanded it down,
put Tung Oil finish on it,
and now it's ready to be waxed.

(Please ignore the messy background,
as I had to shift things to fit the loom in my studio.)
How awesome is that?? 
I saved this from going into a dumpster.
I realized when I started working on this,
that there was a beam from another Ideal 
in the stack of loom parts that I brought home.
if I had known that they had thrown an Ideal away,
I would have climbed into the dumpster to save it.
But at least I was able to save two looms.
Today I'm going to put the 
countermarch mechanism together.
I had to buy more parts for this loom,
and thankfully Glimakra USA had most of the parts that I needed-
lamms, heddles, a countermarch mechanism, and Texsolv cord. 

The wood is a bit lighter,
but that's okay.

On my Hollandia loom I've been weaving
another shawl.
I think that I'm going to have fun with shawls for a bit.
The warp is 8/2 Tencel,
and the weft is handspun Cormo/tussah silk yarn
that I dyed two summers ago,
alternating with 10/2 bamboo yarn in turquoise.
The Cormo wool is from a farm in Parma, Idaho.

I wove this with a very loose sett,
(the distance between the yarns),
as Cormo really fulls when you wash it.
I wanted a soft, pliable shawl that's warm.
I'm down to the last 12 inches of the warp now :-)
Cormo is a wonderful wool to work with,
it's very soft, and feels like a wool cotton candy.
If you have a chance to play with some,
try it.

We took the dogs,
Max, and Sam,
down to the river one day so that they could play.

While bicycling,
I pedal by a fruit stand that has signs out.
I see this each morning,
and every morning it makes me laugh.

Our thoughts are with the people in Texas.
May they find shelter and food,
and a safe place to wait out the flood water.

Weave on,


  1. You're always a step ahead of me! First you were knitting socks with your handspun. Now, you're sewing clothes from your handwoven. I'm so jealous! But you motivate and encourage me just by showing your lovely products! Keep it up! ...And the spinning and the loom rescue and...

  2. Gosh Judy, you have been busy! Great transformation on the loom - how many do you have now? Love the vest - I would call it a waistcoat - when you said vest I thought you meant a jacket! Anyway, language apart it looks great - how about a picture of you wearing it? Here it was 35 degrees on Monday and yesterday just over 20 - bit of a shock to the system. Not that I am complaining as 35 is way too hot and the garden does not like it. We are very short of water too - poor Texas seems to be getting everybody's all in one go although Bangladesh is also having a bad time at the moment. Must go as we are just off to the market. xx

  3. Lusciousness! Loving your vest! you certainly can keep busy! Your 2nd loom looks so happy!

  4. I love reading you posts - so interesting!

  5. Ah, Judy! You've said the S word, grrrrrr. Last winter was so harsh around here, that we are still relishing in the warmness of the season. And I'll accept every minute of it! Congrats on making a clothing item that fits. Making up the mock version is wise :)

  6. Your vest turned out just lovely , I think i have flat vest pattern, I rarely are clothes these days . Your spinning looks interesting , you always have such pretty things to share 😊

  7. You did a great job with the GlimĂ„kra loom. I´ve also got a 120 cm Standard, bought it second hand in Sweden some years ago. Bigger looms are very inexpensive in Sweden nowadays and I got it for very little money, but it was well used and looked it and I never took the time to refurbish it. But when I see your shining loom, I think I should do it one day....
    Your vest came out beautifully and I like the colors of your shawl.

  8. Nice vest! How many looms do you have now??
    It's getting a litlle cooler here too, but I'm not ready for winter yet.
    Have a great week.


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