Projects From Our House

If you've read my blog for a while 
you know that I love fiber/fabric,
and my husband loves wood.
Being creative is something that we share
so when we have some spare time,
we sit outside on our patio so
that I can hand quilt/spin/knit,
and my husband carves.

My husband, Marshall, begins with a slab of wood,
this time it's pear wood,
and then he does a rough shaping to start.

He then uses Del Stubbs carving tools to further shape the spoon.

He continues to shape the spoon until it has the shape and finish that 
he's happy with.
This is the end result of his latest work.

I love hand carved utensils,
as each one is uniquely shaped. 
The spoons showcase the lovely colors 
and grain patterns in the various woods.

I've been spinning, a little bit when I can,
so that I can weave a shawl.
I've discovered that handwoven shawls are lovely to wear-
light, airy, and warm.
Such an awesome combination.

After weeks of spinning
 this is my handspun Merino/silk yarn that is ready to be 
the weft for a shawl.

The weave structure is plain weave,
and the warp yarns are 16/2 bamboo in turquoise,
and 8/2 Tencel in black.
I did random stripes across the surface of the cloth.

The sett (distance between the yarn) is open
or slightly loose so that the shawl will be drapeable
and light after it is washed/slightly fulled.
I'm down to one inch left to weave,
savoring the moment,
and I can hardly wait to cut this off the loom.
This will be a gift for someone....

Our dogs were barking up a storm this morning,
so I looked out our front door to see a flock or rafter
of 13 wild turkeys wandering through our front yard.

How cool is that?

Weave on,


  1. Beautiful work by both of you! And how lovely that you can sit together and work. I can seldom get my hubby to sit down!

  2. Thank you for sharing some more of Marshall's beautiful work - I just want to reach out and hold his spoons! Your shawl also looks so tactile, such gorgeous colours. xx

  3. Oh, so much creativity in your house. I love the spoons, they do a lot of carving here in Sweden too and it was only yesterday, that I happend to read about spoon-carving in a "Hemslöjden" magazine :-)
    I think your shawl will come out beautifully, interesting materials and great colours!
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Absolutely gorgeous wood work! Beautiful spoons. How nice you can share that quiet, creative time together. I have to daughter and I craft together, too, but she's in her crafty space and I'm next door in mine. Even though we are not 'together', we both experience a sense of 'togetherness' and happily craft away. Your spinning and weaving really excites me. Someday, I'd like to try it. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your adventures! Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

  5. Marshall is very gifted , the spoons are so lovely . My FIL carved me two spoons many years ago using just a jack knife as he didn't have any carving tools but they are still used almost daily and I smile when I think of him sitting in the kitchen carving . The shawl will be gorgeous , such pretty colours , your weaving is amazing .

  6. Love your work, woodcarving as well as Spinning, quilting and weaving. And having wild Turkey in the Yard is sure an experience which will never happen at my home :-)

  7. These spoons are so gorgeous!! They remind me of some I've seen in Japan.
    (Your work is beautiful too of course! You know that.)

  8. How fun to see the wood carving process! And the turkeys, too. Pretty special.

  9. Amazing guests in your garden :o).
    It is great seeing those creative work of you both and good time spend together. It‘s a gift being able to do this.


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