The End of November

Have you ever made a Sunbonnet Sue quilt?
It's been on my quilting bucket list for the longest time.
One day while wandering my local quilt shop
 I noticed a Go! Sunbonnet Sue die.
No tracing around fiddly plastic pieces,
and then meticulously cutting them out by hand?
Hey, that's such a great idea!
 And now I've been having a blast creating sassy Sue blocks :-)

Cute and fun to make!
I still need to machine stitch around each one.
I thought that I'd alternate string blocks with the Sue blocks
to make two baby quilts to give away.

I decided to weave a Tencel scarf to go with an 
apricot colored rain jacket that's a favorite of mine.
I have cream Tencel, and some Tussah silk yarn for the warp.
I decided to spin some Merino/silk roving that I 
dyed this fall in apricot, and turquoise.
I spun this fine (for me), 
as I wanted a lightweight scarf,
and I think that this will make an awesome weft.

My looms are full of projects,
and I just finished weaving another shawl.
The warp is a combination of Tencel, and bamboo yarns
in eggplant, forest green, navy,  and sky blue.

The weft is a handspun Merino/silk yarn that I dyed in teal,
forest green, sky blue, and bright blue.

I wove this on my Hollandia loom,
which is simply lovely to weave on.

I left the sett rather open,
14 epi for the weavers out there,
 because I wanted this shawl to be light and airy.
This is a gift for a new mom,
who will be up in the middle of the night,
many, many times.
Happiness is being wrapped in a shawl woven with love.
In this fast paced world that we live in,
I firmly believe that one of the best gifts 
that can be given is something that's made from the heart.

I've been struggling a bit the past few weeks,
since our golden retriever Sam died from cancer.
He was only 8.
I don't know if you do this,
but I tell myself,
I probably have four more years and
then I have to prepare myself for losing him.
I didn't get to do that this time,
and I feel like the rug was yanked out from under me.
I know that there are many more serious losses-
losing a child, or a spouse.
But my dogs are my friends,
there for me day in and day out,
 being awesome companions.
I miss him.

Take care,


  1. Your Sunbonnet Sues are sweet - the die sounds like a great idea. Your Merino/silk yarn looks delicious. Such a shame about Sam, a loss is a loss and always hard to bear.
    Is Palouse a place? Am loving your snowy Wordless Wednesdays. xx

  2. Nothing wrong about missing a member of your family! Especially when he was so young. They steal our hearts, don' they? Your weaving is absolutely gorgeous! A keepsake for certain - your new mother will love it! And yeah for tools! They do save us time.

  3. Sun bonnet Sue has always been on my to do list but so far it hasn't happened , I love what you have done here , it will be adorable. As always your weaving is gorgeous and will keep the young mom nice and cosy on those night time feeds . Oh my heart goes out to you for Sam , I understand totally , I am still missing Luke , he was bigger than life and a huge part of me , hugs to you .

  4. I have made a Sunbonnet Sue quilt or two and I love them to this day! I appliqu├ęs mine by hand using the blanket stitch. Actually, I saw one I made 18 years ago and gifted to my cousin when she got married. When she was a tot, her mom always dressed her in one of those bonnets, so it seemed appropriate. For the very center block, I added an Overall Sam facing Sue with a bouquet of flowers behind his back. Enjoy making yours!


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