Final Projects for 2017

As you probably know,
my husband,
is an avid woodworker.
He created an unique tray with a black cherry band,
and a vertical grain Douglas fir bottom
 as a thank you gift for someone
who gave him wood for turning.

It's interesting to watch him make bent wood projects,
as there is a skill to bending the wood while it's pliable.

I'm continuing to sew the 48 string blocks that I need for 
my alternate blocks for my Sunbonnet Sue baby quilts.

On the spinning side of things,
I'm fitting in an hour of spinning each morning.
Lately I've been working with an ultra soft 
Merino/silk blend that I dyed last summer
in soft pastels-
lilac, rose, sky blue, and lemon yellow.

It is destined to be the weft of a handwoven scarf,
blended with a Tencel warp.

Speaking of scarves,
I've had two different Tencel/bamboo warps 
on my Baby Wolf loom to weave scarves.
They are such fun to weave,
and even more fun to wear with 
a favorite jacket or vest.

The crimson and black scarf is a gift for my husband,
who has a favorite bright red down jacket that he likes to wear.
The warp is Tencel yarn,
and the black weft yarn is alpaca 
alternating with a Tencel yarn in crimson.

My looms are full,
and I've been having fun weaving.
I have some functional weaving 
setup on my Hollandia loom.
We needed some new cotton mats
for our bathrooms,
so I'm weaving some with a carpet warp yarn
and a Peaches & Cream cotton yarn 
in the Chocolate Milk colorway
for the weft.

I love the texture of this M's and O's weave structure.
It's interesting how the floats add dimension to this project.

On my Glimakra Ideal countermarch loom
I have a warp of 16/2 cotton to weave
some kitchen towels.

This is woven from a kit from
the Yarn Barn in Kansas-

Yesterday it snowed just about all day :-)
This is the view out of my studio space this morning.

Fresh snow for holiday skiing!
how awesome is that??
We have a tradition of skiing on Christmas day,
so as you're opening your gifts,
think of me zipping down the mountain 
with a huge grin on my face.
We pack a small grill,
and roast hot dogs for lunch while watching the skiers.
So good....

Merry Christmas to everyone,
from my family
to yours.
May your new year be 
happy, and healthy.
And filled with many, many creative days!

Judy & Marshall


  1. These are all very pretty projects! Tell your husband is bowl is amazing! As I read through this post, I'm wondering how you became interested in weaving and where you learned the craft?

  2. I just love seeing your weaving! It’s always so beautiful! Such a lovely tray. You are both so talented. So glad you got snow and can fulfill your Christmas tradition. I’ll be thinking of you on Christmas Day!

  3. What a beautiful tray Marshall made. I love seeing all your weaving. I hope you have plenty of snow for Christmas Day and will be thinking of you. Best wishes to you both. xx

  4. What a diversity of weaving patterns. Isn´t it fun to have more than one loom and the possibility to work on more than one project at a time ?
    It´s interesting to see Marshall´s wonderful tray. I know this type of woodwork from Sweden, where they call them "svepask" and we bought several of them over the years.
    In Sweden it is typical not to nail but to sew the brim together with fine roots, often are embroidery stitches used.
    I hope you´ll have a wonderful Christmas time and a Happy New Year!

  5. Your weaving is amazing , I love seeing what you create . String blocks are such fun and a great day to use up those tiny bits of fabrics. Merry Christmas to you and your family Judy, I hope it is a joyous one . Hugs

  6. Marshal's work is beautiful, as is yours!
    I'm curious to hear how absorbent your mat and towels turn out. I've been searching a lot, trying to get an idea of people's preferred fibers.
    Have fun playing in the snow! And Merry Christmas!

  7. Die Schale ist wunderschön und von deinen Webarbeiten bin ich ganz begeistert.
    Ich wünsche dir und deinen Lieben ein frohes Weihnachtsfest.
    Herzliche Grüße

  8. Beautiful! Have a nice Christmas in the snow!

  9. Liebe Judy,
    ich bewundere besonders Dinge die ich selbst nicht kann,
    z.B. kann ich mir gar nicht vorstellen wie man selbst so eine wunderschöne und filigegrane Holzschale machen kann. Spinnen und weben, dass ist so toll und diese wunderschönen Farbspiele und Muster die da entstehen, ich bewundere das sehr! Die Schwester meiner Oma konnte das auch, ich habe einen wunderschönen "Seelenwärmer" von ihr geerbt. Danke dir für die tollen Fotos, eure Winterlandschaft ist so schön!
    Liebe Grüße


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