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I've always loved star quilts,
and I've made many of them over the years that I've been a quilter.
I just finished hand quilting an improv wonky star quilt
for my living room wall.

The back of the quilt is hand dyed fabric that I dyed years ago.
It's a great way to have an unusual quilt back.

I've been spinning each morning,
as I'd like to knit some special hats this month.
I'm working with a special Merino fleece that came from 
a farm in Nampa, Idaho,
and a special Cormo fleece that
came from a farm in Parma, Idaho.
What makes them special you say?
Their superb softness.

I've tied small bundles of wool,
keeping the ends aligned,
and dyed them with a brilliant blue dye solution
and a deep forest green.

I then use a flick carder,
the thing that looks like a dog brush,
to gently open the fibers up.

I can then start spinning after folding the wool over my finger.

Handspinning is a wonderful hobby that enables me
 to have a connection to the sheep.
 As I work with their lovely wool,
I can feel myself relaxing.
 I'm enjoying the movements of my hands 
that are creating an unique yarn 
while meditatively treadling.
This wool smells like a sheep,
unlike most of the wool yarn that you can buy in a store.
And it feels so soft and buoyant.

It's going to make an awesome hat!

How do you know that you're an avid cyclist who loves the out of doors?
When the morning temperatures hit the 20's (-3 C),
you head out the door anyway,
to feel the cold air on your face,
and to be thankful for another day.
In this life we hear so much bad news,
but I'm choosing to count my blessings.

Here's hoping that you have some fiber/fabric time,


  1. Your star quilt is awesome and the wool you are spinning looks wonderful and soft . I am sure it will make a nice warm comfy hat .

  2. I love your wonky star quilt Judy - so many interesting and colourful details. Thanks for showing how you dye and spin your wool, looks like it is going to be a lovely warm hat. -2 here this morning but unfortunately foggy too so not at all nice for going out in! xx

  3. Lots of interesting detail in your star quilt - great for a wallhanging! Have you ever attended the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in the Wood River Valley? One of the events of the weekend is the art and craft festival, and to be a vendor you must have items made with wool, or paintings that depict sheep, etc. I've always thought a fiber artist would be in seventh heaven wandering through the booths! And the Sheep Dog Trials, and the Basque dancers, etc. If you get back this way in early October, you should plan to attend!

  4. Wunderschöner Quilt und so schöne warme Farben, sehr harmonisch!

  5. Scrolling down the front page of your blog this beautiful star quilt caught my eye, but then I have been fascinated by your spinning; it sounds like it would be a lot of fun to do. I try to be thankful too, and this morning I am being thankful that I don't have to cycle in below freezing temperatures (full of admiration for you but I am definitely a hot weather person!)


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