A Bit of This and That

Hello there!
 My blog has been idle for a few weeks
while thinking about what I want to make next.

I finished the two Sunbonnet Sue baby quilts
that I've been working on.
I was so excited about that,
I forgot to take a photo of them before giving them away!
This is one of the quilt tops before being quilted.

I hadn't done applique in ages,
so this was a nice way to try it again.
I used the blanket stitch on my sewing machine
to outline each Sue,
which turned out well.

And that made me think about making
another applique quilt.
So I've been sewing a neutral background piece,
around 25 x 35 inches (64 cm x 89 cm),
in the modern strata style.

When I finish this,
I thought that I'd run green vines across the piece,
and then fill that in with flowers and leaves.
I'm still debating about whether to hand applique 
or to use my machine.

We've had the chance to get in some wonderful skiing,
trying some of the resorts in the new area where we now live.
Being outside in the snow surrounded by mountains-
well, what's not to like about that??
I took this photo at the end of a fun day,
with the sun just going down.
The snow was perfect,
and I was skiing with family :-)

I don't know about you,
but I love small quilts!
They are fun to make,
they don't require a huge time commitment,
and they make great gifts.
I've had the book,
for years now,
and this year I'd like to make some of the designs.
I think that I'll start with the
Three of Hearts quilt by Ellen Pahl.
Just in time for Valentine's Day!
Plus it gives me a chance to 
do more applique.

I've had a request for a twin sized quilt in blues and tans,
so in the evenings I've been browsing 
my quilt books for patterns.
I rediscovered a quilt book,
by Katie Clark Blakesley.
Some of the quilting blogs that I so enjoy reading
feature lovely sampler quilts.
I'd like to make a sampler quilt myself,
working through each block in this book.
But first,
I'm going to make the special request quilt 
using the classic cross and crown block.
There's a paper piecing pattern for this block,
so that should make the piecing come together easily.

So today is a good day,
as I get to start a new quilt or two :-)

I looked out the front door the other day,
and noticed that we had a deer resting in our front yard.
She stayed there for a long time,
before meandering off.
It's nice to know that our place is a respite
for the wildlife who wander through.

Happy sewing,


  1. I love your quilt! And how lovely to have those animals passing by in front of the house!

  2. What a great picture of the deer! Lots of lovely ideas to work on Judy and I am looking forward to seeing the applique on your tan background. xx

  3. You have a lot of great projects ahead of you. Very nice to get a special request quilt! Great to ski with your family, too!

  4. Deine Quilts sind sehr schön und traumhaftes Winterwetter habt ihr auch.
    Lieben Inselgruß


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