January 2018

The start of a new year just makes you excited
about the possibilities,
 doesn't it?
Do you set goals for the upcoming year?
This year I have a couple.

My cycling goal this year is 1200 miles,
which I hope to meet.
It's funny how if you're engaged in
something that you love,
it's a lot less painful than going to the gym,
which I hate ;-)

My quilting goal is to explore the New York Beauty pattern,
and to make a new collection of 
red and white quilts for my living room.

For weaving I'd like to explore rep weave,
weaving a rep rug or two,
and maybe some new colorful placemats!

Lately I've been weaving scarves,
a lot of scarves!
They are fun to wear,
and they make wonderful gifts.

This Tencel/Merino/silk scarf was woven 
to go with my husband's blue down jacket.
The warp is brilliant blue, forest green, and navy.
I knit the hat out of a handspun Cormo/silk blend yarn
that I had dyed a brilliant blue.
Thanks Marshall,
for modeling for me!

This scarf was woven in some of my favorite colors-
lilac, spring green, soft yellow, and tan.

Next round of scarves in crimson, gray, and black.

I'm knitting a black and crimson beret in Merino/silk yarn
to wear with this scarf.

the moral to this story is,
beware of starting to weave scarves.
You may take a turn down that road 
and not come back for a while!

Today I'm going to continue sewing
 the string blocks for my Sunbonnet Sue baby quilts.

Over the holidays,
we were able to get in some awesome skiing
due to a lot of fresh powder :-)
This day was cold and blowing snow,
so the photo isn't the greatest,
but the views were outstanding,
and the skiing was a blast!

On the way home that day,
we saw a full rainbow in the sky.

Our corgi, Max,
 loves playing in the snow,
and it's deep enough now that
he has to plow through it with his short legs.

I'm off to sew this morning.


  1. Your scarves are beautiful Judy! I am pleased that you have some snow, hope you reach your goals and I wish you and Marshall a very Happy New Year. We are in UK at the moment but I will email when we get home. xx

  2. All lovely projects, and a great model too! :-)
    I hope you meet your goals again this year. ( I also hate going to the gym)

  3. Beautiful scarves! And the snow corgi...is there nothing funnier :-D. Happy New Year!

  4. If you can get even half of that done, I'd label you "prolific"!

  5. So 'manly'! Thought of you yesterday when visiting a yarn shop and fondling all those gorgeous natural fibers! Maybe someday I’ll knit as nicely as you! I’ll keep practicing! XO


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