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It's been a while since I've made a 
traditional small quilt,
so this was rather fun to make.
I used freezer paper templates to
applique the hearts,
which really helped achieve an accurate shape.

A classic red and white theme,
just in time for Valentine's Day.
I'll be mailing this off next week to brighten someone's day!

The design is called Three of Hearts,
 the designer is Ellen Pahl,
and it's from the book,
page 234.

This morning I spent some time
weaving on my Baby Wolf loom,
finishing up a Tencel/cashmere scarf.
For the warp
I randomly placed various colors of Tencel yarn-
burnt orange, brown, forest green, black,
and brilliant blue.
The weft was upcycled cashmere yarn
that was reclaimed from a thrift store find.
I unraveled the sweater one evening,
then I poured two colors of dye over the yarn,
forest green and brilliant blue,
allowing the colors to blend in areas.

I alternated the hand dyed cashmere yarn
with the brilliant blue Tencel yarn,
randomly throwing more shots of one color
every now and then just to change things up.

I hemstitched the ends before cutting the 
two scarves off my loom,
leaving two inches of fringe on each end.
They are drying now,
so I will show you the end result soon.

It's been snowing in the mountains around us,
so I think that we'll be heading out to ski this weekend :-)
Fresh powder is calling us....

 Max, my awesome corgi


  1. Love the colors of your scarf!
    Happy skiing (maybe with Max?)!

  2. That's a great Valentine small quilt! I admire you for reusing that cashmere and bravely throwing into a dye mix and being able to come out with a wonderful new yarn! I'm impressed! Have fun skiing.

  3. Lovely, both projects...and of course Max as well :-).

  4. What a great little mini quilt - someone is going to be very happy! Beautiful colours in your weaving, that hand dyed cashmere is gorgeous. xx


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