A New Member of Our Family-Energetic Bella

Last weekend my husband and I drove to a 
160 acre farm to choose
a golden retriever puppy.

We chose four month old Bella.

She's a delight,
giving sweet puppy kisses,
and in constant motion!
I haven't had as much creative time lately,
because I've been reminded that you
ignore a puppy at your peril.
One morning I realized that it
was suddenly very quiet,
and then noticed that she was chewing
on the bindings of the quilt books that I had left out.
I should have known better
than to leave my favorite books at nose level!

I finished hand quilting the improv quilt
for my studio space.

I'm not sure why I love improv so much,
but what I do know is that it makes me very happy to create!
I added some hand dyed pieces of cloth to the quilt top
while building my improv blocks.
I then hand quilted it using thick cotton threads in various colors.

We had a snowstorm blow in the other day,
bringing much needed fresh snow to the mountains,
and our area.
I'll take it!
While out walking Bella,
(we do a lot of walking now),
I noticed these interesting ice crystals.

On the upside,
with a puppy I hit my steps every day,
and more.
Thursday we logged 17,000 steps....

And after a long walk,
there's peace.

For a short time,
at least!



  1. Cute puppy! You're going to be busy! ;-)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Welcome Bella! What a cutie. We're a golden family but our Bailey is now 11. A puppy would be a shock, but a fun one!

    Love your improv quilt

  3. O Judy!!!! Congratulations to your amazing Bella!
    Our Blacky is going to be 12 years in June - he was 10 months when we picked him up from an animal shelter.
    Gorgeous quilt!

  4. She's beautiful! And your quilt looks like a wall of stash :-).

  5. Congratulations on making Bella a part of your family , she is beautiful , I love goldens . Your improv quilt is gorgeous, makes me want to try this out .

  6. Bella is going to become a great companion to you I am sure. Nice work on your hanging, the quilting looks great. xx

  7. Ahhh, puppy life! Have fun! Sure do love that improv quilt! Wowza!

  8. Oh, ein neues Familienmitglied - wie schön. Da wird es lebendig bei dir im Haus. Dein freies Quilten gefällt mir sehr und macht auch mir Spass.
    Liebe Grüsse, Brigitte


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