A New Quilt

I've had a request from a family member
for a special quilt for their living room.
After perusing quilting books,
I decided to make the classic block-
the cross, and the crown.
I chose four fabrics,
and I was ready to begin!

The block is paper pieced,
and it's from the book,
Vintage Quilt Revival,
by Katie Clark Blakesley.
Paper piecing gives you such accuracy,
it really is rewarding to see the block come together!
I thought that I'd make the quilt twin sized,
so I'll be making 30 blocks for this project.

On the weaving side of things,
I've started weaving the second scarf
on the Tencel warp on my Baby Wolf loom.
I'm alternating a variegated slubby nylon yarn
with a Tencel yarn in ecru.

The weather has been warmer for us,
so last weekend we spent some time doing yard work.
In one of the bushes by our front door,
I discovered a small,
well made nest.

I wonder if it will have any occupants come spring?



  1. Love that block! It will make a perfect quilt! And, as always, your weaving just astounds me!

  2. Nice block Judy - great start. What a sweet nest - hope it finds an occupant. xx

  3. Such a lovely block , it will make a beautiful quilt . Always love seeing your weaving.

  4. I like the colours you have chosen for your block - they will make a restful, serene-looking quilt I think.


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