A Touch of Blue Sky Scarf

This week I measured out the warp 
to weave another couple of scarves.
I'm having a ball weaving scarves!
The warp is 8/2 Tencel yarn in 
ecru, white, and burnt orange.
For the weavers out there,
the sett is 20 epi,
and I measured out ten ends of ecru,
followed by two ends of burnt orange,
then ten ends of white,
continuing this pattern for 158 ends.

The first weft that I used is a handspun Merino/silk yarn
that I dyed sky blue, ecru, and apricot.

I have a favorite rain jacket that I love to wear 
that's a light/dark apricot color,
and this will look super with it!

The first scarf is finished-

It looks just how I hoped it would,
which is always rewarding :-)

On the quilting side of things,
I've changed gears from the traditional,
moving over into improv.
I wanted a new quilt to hang on
the wall in my studio.

In the evenings,
I'm hand quilting this with random stitching.
There's something quite peaceful
about hand quilting.
I really like look of hand quilting 
with thicker threads
as it adds an interesting texture to my quilts.

It's lovely to see the snow on the mountains.

My plan for today was to pack a lunch,
and then head over to my favorite ski resort
to get some runs in.
it's supposed to rain in the mountains today,
with gusts of wind up to 40 mph :-(

I think that it's a good day to start a new quilt!


  1. Congratulations, your scarf turned out as planned! And I love your handquilting!

  2. I love your scarf, and the blue one a couple of posts ago - it's like alchemy to me, the way you mix the colours in the wool and on the loom. I like your improv a lot too - especially that you have some curvy bits in the mix, and that you are using thick threads for the quilting.

  3. Do you know how difficult it is for some people to do random, improv piecing like that? Totally outside their comfort zone. I could do it, but my brain would not be happy. So I'll just enjoy looking at yours! The stitching is perfect for a wallhanging. Hope this weather straightens up. Our plants are budding out already, and we had a hatch of small flying bugs this week. Unheard of for around here!

  4. Another beautiful scarf Judy and your quilting looks great on that improve patchwork. xx

  5. How soft the Tencel and handspun merge, really beautiful! Oh, now I see and understand that there is still winter beyond the sea....


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