Life With A Puppy

We're starting to get in a rhythm
with our new puppy,
It's been fun playing with her,
and I haven't had to rescue 
as many books this week.

I finished weaving the two Tencel scarves
that have been on my Baby Wolf loom.
The first scarf had a Merino/silk weft of handspun yarn
that I had dyed peach, ecru, and sky blue.
It goes perfectly with one of my favorite
waterproof shells that I like to wear.

This is one of those projects that is so rewarding-
to see it go from a thought that I had one day of
how that would be a great color combination,
to actually seeing it finished!
I wore it for the first time this morning
while walking Bella,
and it was soft and warm.

The second scarf had a alternating weft of ecru Tencel,
and a novelty yarn by Noro that is viscose.

This scarf is colorful, 
but it won't be warm,
so it will probably get worn more
when the weather warms up a bit.

We have a couple of bird feeders,
and a heated bird bath right outside
my sewing area window.
We see quite a few red-breasted nuthatches
coming in for sunflower seeds and a drink.

I love bird watching, 
don't you?

We have a single doe
that cruises through our yard each day.

I'm still sewing the cross and crown blocks.
I now have 30 done,
with 5 more to go.

Last weekend my husband and I went skiing
at one of our favorite resorts.
They had 24 inches (61 cm) of fresh snow
that was calling us.
The temperature was 0 (-18 C) at the base,
with a windchill of -22 (-30 C),
but we had a blast skiing.

And this was Bella,
at the end of the ski day
after playing in the snow.

life is good.



  1. Your scarves are both beautiful and go so nicely with your jacket . The cross and crown block is gorgeous , can't wait to see that quilt. Wow , that's a lot of fresh snow , more than we have had the entire winter , this year we had the least amount in can ever remember . Bella can sure relax when she is tired .

  2. We heard all the snow was going up your direction this winter - enjoy! Both scarves are beautiful. Your pup is certainly a popped puppy, lol! A good time was had by all!

  3. I decided not to go skiing tomorrow because of -18 C, but we don‘t have fresh snow. What a nice dog!!!
    Love your shawls and quilt!

  4. Your scarves as beautiful. A heated bird bath! Pampered birds indeed but I am sure necessary when it is very cold. xx

  5. Life certainly IS good! Your scarves are gorgeous, Judy. I wish I lived nearby so you could teach me! Glad you got some ski time in. Enjoyed seeing your picture!

  6. Herrlich, wie Bella ganz entspannt auf dem Rücken liegt! Dein Schal ist wunderschön geworden. Ich bewundere deine Webkünste sehr.
    Weiter viel Spass bei deinen kreativen Werken und viel Freude weiterhin mit der jungen Bella.
    Herzlichst grüsst dich


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