Creative News From Our House

My husband, 
just finished turning on his lathe 
a chunk of walnut wood,
 transforming it into a gorgeous bowl.

Don't you love the interesting grain lines of the wood?
He does such a great job of forming each bowl!
This was created as a gift for a 
biologist colleague who is retiring.

Energetic Bella turned five months this week.

She's a hoot-
but fun :-)

This week I decided to make two baby quilts
using  the Windham Fabrics collection
of "Laundry Day" fabrics.
I love the whimsical retro feel
of this line of fabrics.
The pattern is Grandma's Porch,
and it's from the book
by Carol Hopkins.

This was simply fun sewing!!

On the weaving side of things,
I started weaving two more Tencel scarves
on my Baby Wolf Loom.
I had been digging around in my basket of handspun yarns,
and discovered a ball of Merino
that I had spun into a soft singles.
I had dyed the Merino wool ranging
from a light sky blue to a medium blue and 
 charcoal gray transitioning into black.

I'm alternating my handspun Merino yarn
with black prime alpaca yarn.

My Glimakra Ideal loom has been idle for too long now,
so I started measuring out the warp 
for a run of cottolin twill kitchen towels.
I have half of the warp ends measured out,
and this morning I'll be finishing up measuring the rest.

I've discovered another 
bird nest in my yard.
Don't you just love finding them,
wondering what new baby birds 
will be using them come spring?

A new sign for our kitchen-

My husband makes an incredible apple pie,
so when we saw this sign we knew it needed 
to be hanging in our kitchen!



  1. I love that quilt pattern. I may just have to buy that book!

  2. Marshall is such a great craftsman - between you, you could put on a stunning exhibition! xx

  3. Oh, my goodness, that bowl is gorgeous! What a very special gift! Two cute quilts! Love simply fun sewing the best. Looking forward to seeing your finished scarves. I’m knitting with alpaca for the first time and am just loving it!

  4. Du bist ja so fleissig, ich staune nur. Die Schale ist deinem Mann total gelungen und ich finde sie wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüsse

  5. Your husband is a bowl and apple pie artist and you the same for quilts and weaving!

  6. I love the bowl that Marshall made for me.


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