Interrupted Twill Kitchen Towels

This week I measured out the warp 
for a run of cottolin/linen kitchen towels.
The warp yarn is various colors of cottolin-
from natural, lemon yellow,  orange yellow,
orange, and burnt orange.
The weft yarn is 20/2 half-bleached linen,
which gives the cloth a very nice feel or hand.

I'm weaving this on my diminutive 
Glimakra Ideal countermarch loom.
It's a lovely loom to weave towels on,
and the overhead beater makes it quite easy
to get the dense cloth that I want
for these towels.
I like having a stack of
handwoven kitchen towels on hand,
as they make wonderful gifts.

Do you see those lovely custom rosewood wedges 
that Marshall made for the loom?

The weave structure is from the book,
by Marguerite Porter Davison.
The pattern is Interrupted Twill on page 26.

By changing the treadling,
I can change the look of the towels.
There are five different choices
 for this twill,
which will be fun to explore.

I'm sewing the binding on the baby quilts this weekend,
so they will both be done soon.

Our very fat orange tabby,
 loves to sleep in our living room,
nestled in or on a quilt.

It's a rough life,
isn't it?

I thought that I'd leave you
with a glimpse of some hand carved spoons
created by Marshall in the past.

Pear wood hand carved spoons

Here's hoping that you have time for fabric/fiber this week,


  1. It‘s such a nice pattern for your kitchen towels and I love the colors too.

    Marshall is a wood-artist and the cat has found the very best place to sleep on!

  2. its so interesting how you get those different weaves - lovely colours. A very content Daisy and such gorgeous spoons by Marshall. Have a good week. xx

  3. I'm just so intrigued by your weaving! It's an art that I haven't been exposed to as not many people explore its possibilities! Enjoy creating the different designs. Ah, to be able to sleep like a cat................

  4. Love the weaving pattern you're using. Very nice!
    That cat seems to have a good life. :-)
    Beautiful wooden spoons, as always!


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