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Another week has flown by-
it seems like February was over much too quickly.

My husband, Marshall, and I 
took the dogs hiking one day,
walking past a completely frozen lake.

It was a lovely day to be outside,
soaking up some sun, 
and taking in the views!

This week I finished piecing the 35 cross and crown blocks.
I'm really liking this block,
and how it looks put together.
(Sorry for the bad photo,
it was sleeting when I took it,
so I didn't want to go outside to take a photo!)
It's now in the hand quilting queue.

I finished weaving the two Tencel scarves
currently on my Baby Wolf loom.
The warp was various 8/2 Tencel yarns-
pearl gray, plum, lilac, cream, and charcoal gray.

The first scarf had a weft that I wasn't crazy about.
It's an example of a dyeing experiment 
that didn't go as planned!
Last summer I had dyed some Merino/silk roving a lovely lilac,
and then on a whim added some moss green to it.
it was way too much green for my taste,
because it overpowered the lilac.
I spun it,
and then added it to a basket,
thinking to myself, 
I decided to give it a go with this concentrated purple warp,
as I thought that it would bring back 
the color that I wanted to emphasize.
 I'm rather glad that I gave the yarn a chance.
It looks okay,
and it is soft as can be.
It's a win-win that I'll take.
I alternated the handspun yarn with a
soft lilac Tencel yarn.

please don't judge me 
on my winter jacket collection!
Some women collect lots of shoes-
well, I have numerous colorful jackets ;-)

The weft for the second scarf was a much thicker yarn,
 Zig Zag by Interlacements in pearl gray.

It has a much heavier feel,
but I like the texture of the scarf.

Weaving scarves is like knitting socks!
It's addictive ;-)
So be careful if you start....

With that in mind,
this morning I just finished putting another 
scarf warp on my Baby Wolf loom.
Is there a 12 step program for scarf weavers??

This time I used Tencel yarns in black, pearl gray,
and a bamboo 5/2 in charcoal gray.

All in all it was a good week.
How are things in your creative world?

Max & Bella


  1. Your scarf goes so well with your jacket!
    Lovely dogs!

  2. Puppy dogs! Great pals to take with you on snow days! Your quilt came together well - great design. And why not have many coats - you are definitely an outdoors woman and need then. All.

  3. More beautiful scarves and your quilt top looks stunning - it is a great block. xx

  4. Beautiful projects! How is the puppy doing? Is she getting along nicely with Max? Have a great weekend.

  5. Den Schal in lila mag ich total. Ich kann dich gut verstehen, da muss doch zu jeder Jacke der passende Schal dazu gemacht werden. Mir geht es genau so.
    Ich mag auch deine Bilder von eurer schönen Landschaft sehr. Danke dass du sie uns zeigst und wir so auf deinen Ausflügen teilhaben können.
    Herzliche Grüsse

  6. I love the way the colors pop on the quilt! It gives it almost a 3-D quality!
    As I was admiring your scarves, I was starting to become aware of the jacket collection. I'm liking it! All I can claim is way too many fun tape measures!


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