Gardening in April

I've been hand quilting a simple, 
muted nine patch quilt
that I made for our bathroom wall.

I love hand quilting-
the peaceful, thoughtful process 
of running the thread through the quilt.
And I love how the quilting
adds texture to the surface.

My husband and I went to a plant sale
held by our local conservation district.
Most of the plants were bare root,
so we needed to get them in the ground
 as fast as possible.
We bought over 75 plants,
(what were we thinking??)
Of course,
 that meant over 75 holes needed to be dug!

Inside the netting there are trees and bushes,
just starting to bud out :-)

Norway Spruce

Corkbark fir

We planted many flowering bushes that will produce berries
for us and for the birds:
chokecherries, blue elderberries, golden currants, and serviceberries.
We can hardly wait to see them flower!

Also planted were nine Chandler blueberry bushes.

Also planted were aspen trees, English walnut trees,
Austrian pines, corkbark firs, Norway spruces,
and Manchurian apricot trees.
We made it.
And then it rained and rained here,
which was great timing for our new plants.

Just a bit of weaving went on,
a new warp on my Baby Wolf loom to weave 
a lightweight scarf for spring/summer.
The warp is a variety of 10/2 mercerized cotton yarns-

The weft is a Tencel yarn in lilac-

I'm trying to maintain a light beat to retain 
a gentle drape for this scarf.

With some of my favorite colors on the loom,
it's quite easy to sit down
and throw the shuttle :-)

How was your week?



  1. A lot of work with beautiful results!

  2. I really love the Picture on top of your Homepage. Great!

  3. Your place is going to be fabulous! Nice choices!!!

  4. What a beautiful quilt for your bathroom Judy - I love the way you have quilted it. Now I see just how many plants you bought!! Amazing. xx

  5. You are always so busy! Have a great day!


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