Roy G. Biv Quilt

I took some time this past week to sort my scraps by color.
I supplemented my colors by cutting strips
of fabric that I had on hand to add to the variety.

I've wanted to make something out of the book,

This is my version of Plumb:

I'm going to hand quilt it
and then it will be going on my dining room wall.

That put a small dent in my colorful scrap pile,
and it was so much fun I think that I'll make another colorful quilt.

The weather here has been lovely,
with it finally warming up.
So we've been sitting outside soaking up the sun,
and I've been spinning.
I just finished plying Polwarth/silk in 

I think that this will make a lovely hat,
or maybe a woven scarf?

I'm weaving the fourth kitchen towel
on the interrupted twill cottolin warp.

One more towel to go,
and then I can cut the cloth off of my loom!
I like to have a stack of handwoven towels
on hand to give as gifts.
Most people look amazed when I tell them
it's handwoven as I hand it to them.

The flowering trees are starting to burst with color.

Don't you just love spring?

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric this week,


  1. That is a gorgeous scrap quilt Judy - I love your colour gradations. Beautiful. We have had a burst of summer here but now we are back to spring temperatures - it got very hot very quickly so was not likely to last. My last day of a quick visit to Mum and Dad and my brothers family just north of London and have been knitting a sock while I am here - a nice portable project. Enjoy your sunshine. xx

  2. Spring...never enough time for fiber... :-/

  3. Lovely scrappy quilt , lots of pretty colours . Beautiful weaving as always. ❤

  4. What a lovely scrap quilt. There's something very appealing about your first picture too - it makes me want to dive into a pile of scraps and start stitching.


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