A Slower Life

Things have slowed down around my house lately,
which makes for a nice change!
After planting so many trees and bushes,
we have now been focused on watering,
and surrounding the plants with wire fencing
to protect them from the deer or moose.
I guess I'm thinking of this as phase 1,
which was planting around
 the perimeter of our property.
Next year we'd like to start phase 2,
with planting all over,
adding raspberries, blackberries,
and maybe a few roses.
(I miss them!)
But for now, 
we've done enough planting.

Each morning I've been spinning
some lovely burgundy Merino roving.

I finished weaving my lemon rag rug
and cut it off of my Glimakra Standard loom.
Our very fat cat,
was checking it out.

It has now been hemmed,
and it's being used.

I love rag rugs!
There's something quite satisfying about
using vintage cotton sheets from the thrift store
and up-cycling them into something new!

I finished the interrupted twill
cottolin/linen kitchen towels,
and I cut the warp off of my Glimakra Ideal loom.
They are now hemmed,
and I've already gifted one of them :-)

Speaking of my Glimakra Standard,
my husband put on strips of LED lights,
after I read on Ravelry about a creative weaver doing just that.
Ravelry is such a great source for good ideas.

How cool is that??

I was inspired by the book,
Modern Designs for Classic Quilts,
to make my own version
of their Pantone Pocket Change quilt.
Instead of using jelly roll strips,
I'm using various scraps.

It's partially finished at this point,
and I'm hoping to make some progress on it
this rainy weekend.

Speaking of slowing down,
when we get a chance,
my husband and I sit outside on our patio
early in the morning.
We light a fire in our cast iron chiminea,
and just soak up the quiet mornings.
Watching the sun come up,
while listening to the birds is so relaxing.
A slower life can be a good thing.

(I'm weaving a bookmark on my inkle loom.)

our corgi,
who has brought so much joy
into our lives,
has just turned 12.
where have the years gone??

How I wish that our canine buddies were able to live longer....



  1. Soooooo many gorgeous finished beauties!
    Our dog is of the same age like yours - he is going to be 12 at the end of June.

  2. Lovely post Judy. I am reading it sat outside first thing in the morning - the temperature is just perfect and it's so lovely to listen to the birds singing away. Although I do feel sorry for the nightingale who should have found a mate by now! The rug looks beautiful Judy - obviously your cat loves it too. Nice use of your scraps. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. We are of the same heart! I love listening to the birds in the morning, and moving at a slower pace. Life is just too short to hurry your way through it! All your weaving amazes me! The lighting hack will surely help. Keep up your creativity and enjoy your home and property.

  4. This is wonderful! Beautiful projects.

  5. Lovely post. It's good to slow down from time to time. Have a nice summer.


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